Directed By Meosha Bean, M.V.B Films’ Vol 4 “Green Height Point” Is Set To Release 8 -5-22

Director Meosha Bean is back with her last installment of the renowned Horror Anthology by M.V.B Films. It is the Vol 4 of the series…

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Wonyay Dropping his Album “Tequila and Tattoos VOL2” 

I just spoke with the Wonyay I asked him to describe himself, he said An Italian artist from Baltimore, Maryland that is trying to provide…

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Youtubers Influence of Young People

On February 14, 2005, YouTube, a platform that allows anyone to submit videos and watch endless material 24 hours a day, seven days a week,…

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Why YouTube stars are more influential than traditional celebrities

Most of us are somewhat surprised by celebrities. Maybe we can love them on the movie screen or on the small TV screen, but closer…

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YouTube is a popular streaming platform for content creators and Internet users alike. But then, who are the favorite Youtubers? The answer within the article….

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