Wonyay Dropping his Album “Tequila and Tattoos VOL2” 

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I just spoke with the Wonyay I asked him to describe himself, he said An Italian artist from Baltimore, Maryland that is trying to provide for mine like everyone else. I grew up with a single mother who worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. Music has always been my passion; however, I did not start actually pursuing it until 2020. Growing up I was heavily influenced by Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur, Jada kiss, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, J Cole and more. My current day influences easily have to be Mozzy, Millyz, Dave East and Joyner Lucas. I’m huge on my community and our youth in poverty that they live in and I try my best within my ability to be a voice and an advocate for them and teach them that it is more to life than guns drugs and the cruel world we live in. I proceeded to ask him what can we expect in the future and he told me he that he is dropping his album “Tequila and Tattoos VOL2” on July 16th and honestly, I’m very eager. The way Wonyay carry’s himself is Very humble, he showed me some previews of the album it sounded very trauma based. I asked him where he gets his motivation from to to be able to write his music and he told me his family. He’s trying to break generational curses. Which to me honestly makes sense most people are not born in into money, some are in fact born into poverty and that ambition is some thing you either have or you do not.

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