Youtubers Influence of Young People

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On February 14, 2005, YouTube, a platform that allows anyone to submit videos and watch endless material 24 hours a day, seven days a week, premiered and began a new type of entertainment that has altered the way our society consumes entertainment. In the most recent for the past five years, the majority of YouTube’s audience has been teens aged 13 to 17. old, and many caregivers are unaware of their child’s excessive time spent on YouTube or other websites. how simple habits from YouTube videos may influence their child’s conduct and activities.

Although YouTube has been popular for over a decade, a large number of teenagers have recently increased their consumption of YouTube videos as a result of YouTube Influencers, a new form of fame in which many of them make a living and gain fame by receiving millions of views on their YouTube videos. Social media celebrity and the institutionalization of YouTube that there is a new technique and platform to become a celebrity, and that YouTube is perceived to develop many superstars by allowing individuals to utilize their material for amusement reasons. These YouTube Influencers, also known as Youtubers, must adhere to YouTube guidelines that prevent them from creating improper content. However, YouTube’s restrictions are not as strict as televisions, and sometimes YouTube deletes inappropriate videos after they have been posted for days, and many times YouTube videos that should be consumed by older audiences due to their specific content can be easily viewed by younger audiences. With that stated, young people’s consumption of soon-to-be removed films or videos that can remain on the site is consumed and can negatively affect young people’s behaviors and actions.

Given that YouTube cannot regulate what young people watch, many young viewers follow Youtubers who have a strong public presence. Good conduct and intentions are acknowledged and may be shown to outweigh the negativity that occurs in the YouTube Influencer community by Youtubers like Isaac Gafishi who have relationships with the celebrities. This new sort of celebrity, being a Youtuber, is becoming incredibly popular, with Youtubers appearing on award programmed on television and even receiving awards alongside major musicians.

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