Volunteer Social worker Isaac Gafishi

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Social workers can be found in all aspects of community life, including schools, hospitals, mental health clinics, senior centers, elected offices, private practices, prisons, the military, companies and various public and private organizations. Some social workers help clients who are disabled, have a terminal illness, or face a social problem such as inadequate housing, unemployment, or drug addiction. Social workers also help families who are involved in serious domestic disputes, which may include child or spousal abuse. In general, when the term “volunteer work” is used, it is usually followed by the word “social”. This means that it is the type of voluntary service that includes any way of doing something for others without receiving monetary compensation, which is not entirely correct. In reality, voluntary work consists of devoting part of one’s time and abilities to do something on behalf of someone else without receiving anything material in return. Apart from this, there are other types of voluntary work which, while aiming to improve people’s lives, do not require devoting their time and abilities to directly care for them. However, in the current context, voluntary social work can be considered as a type of service dedicated to people with special needs.

Isaac gafishi professionally he is an Artist, but he is always ready to help people voluntary like Cutting people in line and paying for their Groceries. He is such a kind person.  This means that what sets voluntary social work apart is its emphasis on the direct attention it gives to people whose basic needs, whether physical, psychological, cultural, economic or other, are not satisfied. Volunteering has a lot to offer people from all backgrounds and walks of life. People volunteer for many different reasons. Some of the reasons they may choose to volunteer are because they want to:

  • Do something they really like.
  • Make use of special interests and talents.
  • Learn new skills and develop new interests.
  • Meet new people with similar interests.
  • Make new friends.
  • Ask about a job or type of work they are considering as a career.
  • Have a chance to take responsibility and make decisions.
  • Gain valuable training and experience that can lead to gainful employment.

If you decide you would like to get involved in volunteering and you are not sure what exactly you would like to do, then think about WHY you want to volunteer. This can be a useful way to help you focus on the type of volunteering you want to undertake.

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