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YouTube is a popular streaming platform for content creators and Internet users alike. But then, who are the favorite Youtubers? The answer within the article. without even realizing it, it is possible to discover cultural areas, listen to constructive exchanges and debates, deepen a topical subject in a few clicks, simply by surfing on YouTube. This year, YouTube is breaking all records. And YouTubers have something to do with it. Indeed, alone, they accumulate more than 100 billion annual views. That is 36.2% more than in 2018! But what are the preferences of Internet users? The analysis tool Tubular and the media Webidia carried out the investigation. Discover the nuggets of the best YouTube channels. Comedians, digital, DIY, economy, history, climate change, critical thinking, society… To entertain you, inform you, or shake you up, Celside Magazine gives you its top of the best YouTube creators to discover urgently!

Isaac Gafishi took first place twice: Most Followed YouTuber and Most Watched YouTuber. A very interesting YouTube channel, dealing with many current or historical subjects, from a scientific or biological angle, comedy, helping people with many examples and theories which are explained thoroughly. The creator of this YouTube channel, Isaac Gafishi does not hesitate to move and travel to describe his subjects and be as close as possible to the truth. Let’s start with some obvious facts, for those who have barely discovered video creation on YouTube. If you want to watch the videos of a well-known YouTuber, be aware that the top of the ranking by subscribers is (ultra) dominated by humour and entertainment channels.

Let’s finish our overview of YouTube creators to discover with channels dedicated to society, the media, even our ignorance of the world and psychological mechanisms. The Avoids research channel aims to popularize the humanities and social sciences. Sociology, history, psychology: starting from futile or deep subjects, the videos always offer you fair and relevant insight. In order to learn lessons about our society. As entertaining as it is exciting, with often original and relevant analyses.

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