The Future of Creators on YouTube

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Like most people who work on social media, we follow the creative economy very closely. We even made it a main focus of our 2022 Social Media Trends Survey. Never has the world been so creator-friendly. Finally, in some aspects. Creators have achieved unparalleled influence and power,” says Isaac Gafishi, but this evolution is not without compromise. The most important of them? Each creator must now multiply the platforms. Two years ago, you were on YouTube, on or on Instagram. Now, you definitely need to be present on multiple platforms. He explains to us that this is a major difficulty for creators, because they must be able to adapt their productions and their interactions. Finding the right balance is not easy: they have to offer the right content, manage to exchange with their fans and effectively monetize their publications, and this for each platform.

Isaac Gafishi has been tracking YouTube’s creative economy for 11 years, which allows him to make some assumptions about the future of the platform. The last three categories correspond to “serious” creators, who are most readily associated with the very term creator. For him, more casual creators will have their place on the platform. They became our most important content creators because they knew how to tell amazing stories in seconds. They just had to figure out how to go from 15 or 30 second videos to 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 10. We talk (a lot) about creators in our 2022 Social Media Trends Survey. In particular, we devote an entire trend to the means allowing brands and creators to collaborate effectively. This is by the way the first trend we cover, but trust us, they are all worth reading. (We are not objective, but it is nevertheless very true!)

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