How to Become a Book Writer

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Do you want to live from your pen by immersing readers in a universe of your own? Whether you are more into writing novels, plays or biographies, find all our advice to train you in the profession of writer. If the author devotes himself regularly, (even sometimes entirely) to writing, it is not only for the simple pleasure of writing. His goal is generally to see his books published (by a publishing house or through self-publishing) and read by as many readers as possible. But let’s start at the beginning: he must first find a subject and identify the most appropriate genre to tell his story or build his argument: science fiction novel, essay, play, autobiography are all genres with each their codes which can of course be shaken up according to the author’s wishes. If the writing phase can last several weeks, months (even sometimes years) depending on the size of the project. For example, if an author decides to write a novel whose action takes place during the First World War, he can carry out investigative work by consulting archives, reading essays by historians specializing in this period or even by watching historical films recognized for their realism and their absence of anachronisms.

We can say that the decision to become a writer is up to everyone. The status can be considered active as soon as one regularly devotes himself to writing, with the clear objective of being published or of publishing his book.  

Isaac Gafishi is a book writer He wrote his new book called last lap The Last Lap. The most important quality of the book is to be a poetic novel, carried by the music of a singing and winged phrase. Impressions become adventures. This is why it is perhaps the masterpiece of the author – the greatest English novelist of the century.

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