How To Become a Professional Artist?

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Become a professional artist, easy to say but a little more complicated to set up when you don’t know how to go about it. Knowing how to sing, interpret, write, compose, mix, master a title or album is within the reach of many people these days. Before explaining how, do you know why it is important to become a professional artist? There are 2 reasons for this. The first reason (and surely the one that most people are interested in) is for the money! Amateurs leave a lot of money on the table either because their structure limits them or because they don’t know how to recover the income they generate on their own. The second reason is the image. Who would agree to sign a draft artist? Who would agree to hire an artist who does not show a minimum of professionalism? Who would agree to sign an artist who can go into a spin at any time? Isaac Gafishi is a Musician and Artist; he is famous for his songs that have been playing on a loop.

What are the steps to become a professional artist?

You have all your ideas to release your project, but where to start? Here is a secret list, which every music professional has been using for years to achieve success:

  • Create your music
  • Make your video clip
  • Create your biography by telling a compelling story
  • Register with collective rights management societies
  • Protect and declare your works
  • Create your label
  • Schedule the distribution of your music
  • Create and feed your social networks
  • Prepare an action plan
  • Promote your music
  • Create your fan base (I’m talking about a fan base, not inflating your followers)
  • Exploit all possible sources of income through your music business (and there are many!)
  • Build your team
  • Increase your network
  • Take advantage of grants and subsidies to reduce your production costs
  • Export your music internationally
  • Do it again!

it is absolutely essential to stay motivated. You may face obstacles before reaching your goals, but that shouldn’t stop you from maintaining your self-confidence. Better yet, learn from your mistakes and have fun.

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