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Live performance

This year’s Ryder Cup will be held at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales, in the 38th edition of this great sport, which is also known for being very luxurious and elegant. The Golf Tour is also considered one of the greatest traditions of international sporting events, with top professionals from Europe and the United States playing every other year. These people put on a highly regarded performance in front of an audience. The event has been broadcast around the world, but nothing compares to the scene of a “live” performance unfolding before your eyes.

Internet settings

As a golf enthusiast, you really want to enjoy building a great sporting event with your heart and soul. In that case, you’re wondering about your chances at the Ryder Cup. Many of them are offered online for this golf tournament. The best option is to search the Internet for a suitable apartment that meets their needs and financial possibilities.

Official golf trip

The first website you’ll see is the official golf course, which has all the information you need about The Ryder Cup 2010 and the hospitality you need to book tickets and the teams they’re looking to compete. The hosting page on their official website offers information, packages, registration forms and contact information for those who are interested in finding different types of accommodation. One option shows Ryder Cup packages suitable for business travelers.

The Bidwell Suites can accommodate up to 50 guests and offer stunning views of the tee shots and golf course action .Bidwell suites have both air conditioning and heating, 2 TV screens, telephone line, security check and parking spaces with priority VIP parking option. Ryder Cup 2010 accommodation includes buffet breakfast, 3-course lunch with fine wines, free bar and afternoon tea.

The European Suite is a Ryder Cup package that offers exclusive hospitality to the European golfing family, meaning members of the PGA of Europe, the European Golf Owners Association and the International Golf Association benefit from this exclusive package. The accommodation includes a buffet breakfast with the finest wines, as well as a 3-course lunch and parking.

Fascinating website

Some sites also show video footage of the exact location of the hospitality level above Highway 16 and the golf course. Visit the official Ryder Cup accommodation website and marvel at the stunning views from the balcony of the Bidwell Suite overlooking the great  스포츠중계 of professional golfers. If you count yourself among the members who can take advantage of these Ryder Cup packages, you can certainly say that you are a lucky person who has the privilege of enjoying this special competition to the fullest.

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