7 questions you need to ask about eco-friendly boxes

eco friendly boxes

Nowadays, eco friendly boxes are famous and used by many brands in modern life. Packaging is the customer’s eye and attention of the customers. The ability to customize it in different sizes, shapes, and styles fulfills the requirement of customers. It is perfect for delicate items, heavy electronics, and precious gifts. Most companies and famous brands use them because they are more conscious of product safety. When we display products in the market, it enhances their visibility. It is among the most commonly used packaging solutions because it is lightweight, affordable, and durable. However, choosing which size to use requires more consideration before buying.

1. Material of eco friendly boxes

What: which material do we use for this packaging?

Why: Is it lightweight but also hard to wear?

The best boxes are lightweight but also hard to wear. They are usually made up of two outer layers enclosing an inner sheet of paper. We make the outer layer from Kraft paper, which is stronger and better than recyclable paper used between the outer layers. It is also water-resistant, which we use for shipping during rain. The Kraft paper is excellent for printing and, along with its enduring properties, is considered the best material for eco friendly postal packaging in UK.

2. Thickness

What: packaging do we use for products, single or double-walled?

Why: Packaging strength when subjected to pressure.

• Single-walled Cardboard Boxes

We usually use one-wall Eco friendly boxes wholesale to store different items or ship lightweight products that can get damaged on the move. We make single-walled cardboard boxes from Kraft paper and contain up to 90 percent recyclable materials. A single wall skeleton should not deceive you; it can easily hold up to 15kg. Therefore, they are perfect for shipping a lot of things. We make them in several different sizes. So we are sure that we will find what we need.

• Double-walled Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes having double walls are thicker than the single-walled alternatives and are often used to store heavy items such as books. They are also selected for transporting heavy objects or additional broken products. Like single-walled packaging and double-walled cardboard is made of Kraft paper. Eco friendly boxes in UK last longer and are difficult to borrow, tear or bend. This gives peace of mind that there will be no damage by each other’s pressure, or if we use them in shipping, items will arrive unharmed. They can hold up to 30kg, and their manufacturing materials are 90 percent recyclable.

3. Size of eco friendly boxes

What: Is the size of the packaging according to the product size?

Why: the size of the packaging according to the product is useful.

To ship a small product, buying large packaging is both wasteful and unnecessary, so we need to weigh your item(s) before shipping. That should be easy enough if a customer buys one item, but what if he buys two or more different products?

Calculating the amount of space each item will take up in the eco friendly postal boxes of the diversity you will need. Box size comes in LxWxH size, with lengths like L, width as W, and H as height. Knowing the dimensions, we are going to see if it is according to the requirements or not. It will make the process of choosing to package much easier.

4. Bursting Strength Test

What: The strength of the text box when under pressure?

Why: To get the exact weight a box can carry, rough handling.

The bursting strength test checks the toughness of the walls of eco-friendly box packaging when they are under pressure. A rubber diaphragm is important to apply pressure to the walls of the corrugated box until it explodes. The diaphragm expands due to hydraulics, and as the diaphragm grows, the corrugated board explodes under pressure. We measure bursting strength in Kilograms per square centimeter.

5. Water Resistance of the Gluing

What: Check the water resistance of the glue lines of the corrugated board.

Why: To test the effects of climatic change, moisture permeability, and water absorption.

Even though fibreboard can absorb and retain water, testing the water gluing resistance or sealing is also important. In some applications, the FEFCO 9 standard is famous for testing the water resistance and adhesion of corrugated packaging, producing glue lines to check bond strength and water absorption in this test.

6. Durability

What: Is the packaging long-lasting?

Why: Durability of packaging is too much important for the safety of the product.

The packaging should be highly durable, making the product more attractive to customers. Many customers want to touch, feel, and inspect a product before making a decision, and great-looking boxes create this positive experience. They are very useful for the attraction of the products and the satisfaction of the customers. They are durable, hard to penetrate, and protect products from vibrations and external aggressors. In addition, it provides enhanced protection to products. So, it should be highly durable, so the packaged products remain safe.

7. Cost of packaging

What: Is the packaging affordable?

Why: Affordable packaging is crucial for the brand as well as for the customers.

It depends upon the type of packaging used for the product. We also require the type of material for making it. In general, it is an affordable option, which costs significantly less than other types of packaging. Using these boxes requires less material and the material used for them is easily available. We obtain material for this from plants, which are present on any part of the planet and recycle able. Always select recyclable materials manufacturing it.

To conclude, eco friendly boxes are popular all over the world due to their unique properties. Their durability and resistance to water make it safe to use, and customers feel secure. It is cost-effective packaging. It helps newly started businesses to flourish fast. Similarly, they are available in different sizes and shapes. They also can bear pressure protecting the items. All these features make it superior to all other solutions to package items. Hence, it would help if you asked these questions before buying these boxes.

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