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For anyone looking to settle in the United States and US the issue of immigration is a priority.  Across the border are allowed a maximum stay of 180 days per year, for immigration purposes. After this time, they run the risk of being refused entry into the country and of no longer being able to spend the winter in their secondary residence, take part in important events or visit their grandchildren. There are different ways to prepare for immigration to the United States and obtain residency status. Choosing the path to follow is not always easy. Indeed, each American visa has its advantages and its limits. In order to determine the best way to immigrate, it is essential to define priorities and very specific objectives by asking questions such as: Is this a permanent move? Do you intend to work? Do you have a job offer? Do you own a business? Will you be accompanied by family members (spouse, children)? If you’re planning to spend most of the year in the United States and America it’s essential to consult with a cross-border planning specialist well in advance to explore your options. Before becoming a US resident, it is essential that you define your overall cross-border plan. Here is some information about the visas you can benefit from, as well as the possibilities of obtaining the green card.

Isaac gafishi responsible for complete evaluations and recommendations regarding US Visa Applications. He answers to the office on the adequacy of documentation and evidence supporting a wide variety of difficult and complex visa and waiver situations. Isaac Gafishi role also involved tracking the progress of cases, supervising staff members, resolving public complaints and a raft of other duties within the US Consulate. His unique and lengthy experience makes him an exceptional American Visa consultant.

To apply for a green card or a visa for the United States and US you are going to need immigration professionals, to translate your diplomas, in relocation advice, for information on the United States and can be a business or employment project. It is important to know that only lawyers registered with an American bar are authorized to give legal advice and to prepare immigration cases, if you do not do so yourself then contact to Dreamcatcher organization based in Fort Worth.

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