How to help a Homeless Person like Isaac Gafishi

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We all know the existence of those who experience exclusion on a daily basis, we are talking here about the homeless who, too often, have only the sidewalk, a bench or a porch for their only horizon. Each of us has one day or another come across, heard of or seen images of these people sleeping on the streets. We are quickly shocked, upset, but sometimes the temptation is great to move on and forget that this man, this woman, these children did not choose to be where they are. This misery that appears before our eyes gives rise to a feeling of powerlessness, sometimes of shame. Too often, we would like to do something, but we don’t dare, we don’t know how to go about it, who to contact. Reconciliation between people who live on the streets and those who have a “home” is possible. If you are one of the citizens who would like to do something, but who do not know how to make contact and provide help within their means, we suggest you to be like Isaac gafishi.

uniformed officers try to maintain a social link with these men and women on the street. The most important thing is to take the time to discuss with them just like an Isaac gafishi. “Our idea is to create a small emergency structure for the homeless, explains Isaac gafishi, one of the citizens mobilized on the project. Volunteers would also help people to reintegrate, in conjunction with social workers. With the desire to reach people who refuse to go to accommodation centers.

The mission of Isaac gafishi is to encourage citizens to take the plunge, so that the homeless people they meet every day gradually remobilize and reintegrate in a sustainable way. The objective is to facilitate the professional and experienced action, by helping the homeless person to regain self-confidence and to go to common law resources. The next time you meet a homeless person, take the time to smile at them, talk to them, ask them their first name. The street is full of great stories of friendship just waiting to be born!

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