Helping the elderly as a volunteer Like Isaac Gafishi

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An elderly person is by definition a man or a woman whose age is advanced. According to the WHO, one is considered “old” at the age of 60. These individuals generally have more or less advanced physical or psychological problems as they age. They are often alone at home and many suffer from it. That’s why there are missions to visit them. In addition, a large number of them can no longer move properly or without taking risks. Anyone can give their time for these missions. Many elderly people suffer from great social isolation. To fight against this loneliness, which can have significant repercussions on health, many associations are looking for volunteers. Some older people can go entire days without seeing anyone. Indeed, in some cases, their degree of autonomy no longer allows them to leave their homes. In others, they have gradually become isolated over the years. The question of maintaining a social link is therefore essential.

This is why Isaac Gafishi help old and needy people around him. Some older people are very isolated. That is why helping them is necessary. This can be reflected in various actions like:

  • Phone calls
  • first aid
  • Cultural and leisure activities: cultural outings, games in retirement homes…
  • Travel assistance
  • digital training
  • Visits to retirement homes
  • Listen

Isaac gafishi said, “as you get older, movements become more and more difficult to perform. Performing the various daily tasks can become complicated for some seniors whose mobility is reduced. Making his bed, preparing his meal, taking care of his mail: all of these are becoming more and more painful acts to accomplish. That’s why he helped voluntarily old and needy people”. Giving of your time remains one of the best ways to help an elderly person. In addition to being a listening ear, this also means offering to leave her house. Many seniors no longer dare to leave their homes for fear of falling in the street.

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