Faster Cleaning With Window Washers


Cleaning the building windows is one of the most hated tasks. But today there are alternatives to speed up operations: we are talking about window washers

Does the window cleaner facilitate window cleaning?

Among the household chores, cleaning windows is undoubtedly one of the least loved operations, as it is necessary to dedicate a few hours to it and often you have to use a ladder to reach the highest points, not to mention the physical fatigue that this type of cleaning involves. In short, it is a job that often takes second place compared to everything else; with the result that dirt accumulates on the glass. To simplify matters, therefore, it can be comfortable using the window cleaner for windows, which, thanks to technology more advanced represent a valid support, not only to clean windows faster and easier, but also to obtain better results, avoiding the appearance of those annoying streaks with which you almost always have to deal with when you manually deal with cleaning.

How to wash windows in an ecological way

Many women still choose the good old method, which is to wash windows by hand.
But how do you get an impeccable and ecological result?
There are several possible solutions, without using chemicals, which often leave marks.

One of the most popular methods is to use a solution of hot water and vinegar.
The two ingredients (in a dose of 100 ml of vinegar per 500 ml of water) must be poured into a spray dispenser, which must be shaken well. The mixture will then be sprayed on the glass, then passing over a soft cotton tea towel, without rinsing.

Another system is to use newspaper sheets after spraying them with water.
It is a super ecological and fast system. Another possible choice is that of a year in OVA8, a long-lasting tool that only needs to be moistened.

It will be sufficient to rinse it every now and then to squeeze it well and pass it on the surfaces you want to clean. This type of cloth will then be washed by hand. Anyone wishing to use a detergent, it is possible to compose a do-it-yourself detergent solution, with ecological dishwashing liquid and liquid soap, to mix in 500 ml of warm water.

Window cleaners: a choice of convenience

It must be said that DIY systems, however rapid, still require a considerable amount of time. The use of window cleaners instead allows to considerably reducing the time needed to clean the windows, as the technology helps those who take care of the cleaning. In this regard, the manufacturers of household appliances have made many steps forward, offering increasingly performing solutions and equipment designed specifically to simplify the work.

Examples of window washers

There are various types of window washers on the market. Let’s see some of them.
The Workweek proposes the Screen washers, able to put in place three phases of work in one pass: wets the glass in a uniform manner, eliminates dirt present above and directly sucks the water in excess. This equipment will allow you to clean the windows quickly and without leaving marks. This product is also characterized by low consumption: 80 ml of water and 5 ml of glass cleaner will be sufficient to polish about 20 square meters of glass.

The window cleaner has an easily refillable tank and can be used immediately.
It is also equipped with a microfiber cloth that facilitates cleaning. You will have to pass, by exerting a slight pressure on the glass and moving it from the bottom up.

The OVA8 poles, which can easily clean the glass, but it is good for all smooth surfaces, such as mirrors or tiles. In addition, the device can also be used as a classic dry vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the integrated extraction of the water there is no risk of dripping dirty water and gives a clean and streak-free result.

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