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When you decide to buy a house, one of the first things to do, after viewing the property, is to carry out the mortgage inspection. Verify that it meets your needs; collect all the necessary information and above all make sure to make the purchase from the rightful owner. So contacting a trusted notary is essential in the case of a real estate sale. But every single citizen can also act on his own by inquiring. This is thanks to the tools put in place by the Inland Revenue.

This is the case of the mortgage inspection with which it is possible to view the data regarding the types of formalities present in the Real Estate Registers. We see below what is the mortgage inspection and the procedure to be followed in order to request it and also the related costs.

It could generally define the mortgage inspection as a research that is carried out at a specific Conservatory of Real Estate Directors. The office where all the notaries, judicial and administrative documents concerning real estate are filed. The mortgage, inspection, in particular, is used to identify which are the real estate properties of a particular subject. As well as to check if there are any slopes on them. Both the voluntary and prejudicial in nature, such as voluntary mortgages deriving from mortgages or judicial mortgages deriving from an injunction, foreclosures and others. The mortgage inspection is therefore configured as a necessary and highly recommended step before buying a property.

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Consult the mortgage certificate

With the mortgage certificate, it is possible to consult registers, notes and titles deposited with the property advertising services of the Revenue Agency. In particular, with mortgage inspections it is possible to view information regarding the types of formalities present in the mortgage database and are:

  1. Transcriptions: these formalities are mostly related to deeds of transfer or constitution of rights on real estate. The subject referenced in the inspection can appear as a party in favor, for example, the buyer or as a party against the seller. By inspecting the transcripts it is also possible to view those relating to acts of constitution of various kinds of constraints such as foreclosures, seizures, judicial applications.
  2. Registrations: the inspection of registrations allows viewing of the formalities relating to the creation of mortgages on properties deriving, for example, from loan agreements.
  3. Annotations: in this case, the formalities that modify previous transcriptions, registrations or annotations are viewed, such as the cancellation of mortgages and foreclosures.

Online mortgage inspection 

For those who want to request a mortgage inspection directly online, they can use the telemetric service developed by the Inland Revenue which can be consulted on its website and called a personal consultation with which it is possible to consult the mortgage database. This is free of charge and without having to pay any tax but only on the properties for which the mortgage inspection is requested. To use the Revenue online service, you must be registered with the Superior Home Inspection Fayetteville NC  online services.

For those who require a mortgage inspection and do not own even part of the property, it is possible to use the On-line Mortgage Inspection service. In this case it is necessary to register with the Online Financial Services. That allows you to pay the taxes due. For each consultation carried out, the cost of the service is increased by 50% compared to the base rate applied to the counter.

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