How To Make Custom Packaging Boxes From Kraft Material Paper?


Custom Packaging boxes: 

Packaging Boxes are found in every house and are linked with almost all occasions in our life. Be it happiness or grief candles are always part of it. There are a big dedication and requires strong candle boxes. Candle boxes are not merely used to storing candles but serve variety of purposes like candle gift boxes, presentation boxes and display boxes. These boxes are imperative for catching customer’s attention. Candle boxes are usually created with as Kraft offers diverse range of packaging. Kraft boxes are made from pine materials therefore are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Secondly Kraft is very sturdy and provides excellent protection to packed products.

Entrepreneur’s use custom Kraft candle boxes to present a distinctive image of their brand in unique way to their customers. These boxes attract customers and promote your products when logos and slogans are printed on them. If you are a newbie in candle manufacturing or you are looking for ways to upgrade your packaging game always look for the following features in your Kraft candle boxes.

  • Boxes should be very sturdy and straight enough for protecting your products and other things. No one likes a dented box. And if the good get damaged before arrival customer would never dare to look at your products again.
  • From color to finished look of box, everything thing should be amazingly attractive to gain maximum customers. 
  • Box should be of right size and eco-friendly 
  • Box should be memorable so your customers can remember your products 
  • Once you are clear of what type of box you need for your candle you just need to follow simple steps to get your dream box.

Material Using For Custom Box Packaging:

The first and foremost step of making a box is to choose what type of material you want and why. Kraft is now a days used for custom packaging boxes and candles as its candles are quite fragile and Kraft keeps them in their original shape in transit and on retail shelves. Kraft is light in weight which decreases your shipping costs. 

Structure and Size of Custom Packaging Boxes:

Due to the versatile nature of Kraft it can be used to make any size and structure of box. You can choose your candle box to be in hexagonal, straight tuck or other styles. Kraft allows you to complete mold the box as per your products requirements. Measure the size of your product and choose a box according to that. Always try to keep the box approximately one inch bigger than the product to easy put and remove the candle from the box. Measure the dimensions of custom packaging box (length × width × height) to make sure the box measurements are exact. The exact size of product packaging increases the shelf life of product by preventing the movement of product inside the box. You can also add two or more candles in one box by adding insertions inside the box. Insertions avoid collision between the products.

Printing and Finishing of Custom Packaging Box:

Once you have decided the materials and box structure along with size, the next step is to design your box in a way that it can look prominent on retail shelves and help brand to make a unique identity. A packaging is the first experience customers derive from your product therefore printing should be alluring enough to lure customers. Only a professionally designed box can convince customers about the amazing quality of the packed product. You can use flamboyant color schemes to make your custom packaging boxes attractive. Fancy themes will enhance customer’s engagement on shopping aisles. When you are designing your box you have two options. Either use your own imagination to create a unique design or take help of professional artist to create unique designs for you. Whatever methods you choose just make sure it is according to latest trends and fulfills customer’s expectations. Digital and offset printing along with high quality ink should be used to get fine and polished results. You can add following fancy options to make your boxes look mesmerizing. 

  • Beautiful embossing or debussing 
  • Luxurious gold/silver foiling 
  • Unique raised ink for catching attention 
  • Perfectly design prints and images
  • Elegant glossy/matte finishing 
  • Brilliant UV spotting 

And many more

You can also match your packaging color with theme of your candle. Like for rose flavored candle you can use red and for jasmine you can use white color. 

Another important step here is to decide what information you want to put on boxes. Information on box is vital for developing long term relationships with customers and creating brand’s identity. 

Always print your brand name and logo in prominent color and designs as logos are important for survival of any business. Logos makes brand memorable, separates your brand from competitors and foster brand loyalty. The final thing for making Kraft custom packaging boxes is to choose whether you want to have a transparent window pane or not. 

Once you are done with all these basic steps, then your box is ready to go in manufacturing process. But before beginning the process always gets a 3d sample of your box so that if you require any changes you can do it.

Your Custom Packaging Box is ready to shine:

Once your boxes are manufactured in bulk these are usually shipped flat to you so that indentations and pitting is avoided. All the boxes are glued and just require assembling. You don’t need to use any extra tools or trick to fold the boxes. They are very easy to assemble. After assembling the Kraft boxes you are ready to put your candle inside. Once you ship your products in these custom packaging boxes, Kraft candle boxes will amaze your customers and will bring hike in your revenues.

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