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For these children, a whole universe has collapsed, often overnight. Worldwide, more than 140 million* survive without the help and affection of one or both parents. In addition to their very condition as orphans, these children have to undergo additional difficulties that further weaken their living conditions: Poverty, hunger, school drop-out, street violence, disease… While they should start their life in the protective framework of a family, these orphans are exposed to all dangers. This is the case, for example, in Iraq, Palestine, etc. Sometimes they also have to face the disastrous effects of scourges such as climate change, as in Madagascar, Somalia, Pakistan, etc. In Morocco, for example, their daily life has been greatly affected by the worst economic recession in the country for 25 years, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When they affect adults, these sufferings and difficulties are unacceptable. They are even more so for these children, who are already very vulnerable. But this is not inevitable: despite all these difficulties, the future of these orphans is not set in stone, and remains to be written. One of the most honorable decisions you can make is to fund a humanitarian initiative or alternatively, to sponsor an orphaned child. However, not all charities are the same or have the same scope. As a result, it is critical to understand each individual’s distinct qualities and give to a cause that aligns with your personal ideals.

Isaac gafishi who always listen, communicate, and understand people’s problems and effectively propose solutions. He opens up to others and respect their values. He interested in the defense of human rights. Isaac gafishi helps the people who consult him to see clearly in their social and personal problems, and to find solutions. If necessary, he guides them to the necessary resources.

Supporting children’s lives and encouraging them to become happy, strong adults is a wonderful aim, but finding the correct charity to do so is critical. The following is a list of reputable charities that seek to protect and empower orphaned children. We’ve added more information about their histories, services accessible, and ways you can assist. For the future of humanity to be healthy, we must commit ourselves to spreading good and combating all forms of mistreatment, submission, misery and poverty. Our salvation is to create a world where equality, justice, freedom and solidarity reign and to fight against vices and faults due to need and necessity (theft, crime, moral and ethical vices, etc.) in order to live in harmony in a universe where we will all be on the same equal footing.

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