Connect with the homeless

Connect with the homeless

Everyone has already felt helpless or embarrassed by meeting a homeless person, wanting to help him but not knowing how to do it. Are there more and more homeless people in your neighborhood? You don’t get used to seeing homeless people in the streets, in the metro. Men, women, children, sometimes entire families homeless, confronted with street violence, cold, hunger? Do you want to help people in need or in difficulty, but you don’t know how to go about it?

Take a benevolent look at excluded people

Not judging, saying hello, listening‚Ķ this is the first step towards an outstretched hand which can be very comforting for a person who suffers from exclusion. Job loss, separation, illness.  An accident in life can lead a person to the street more easily than you might think. No one is immune. That is why solidarity begins with empathy.

Get in touch with an isolated person

To go further, for example with a person you meet regularly, perhaps you could strike up a conversation with the person. If you feel the person is willing to chat (which isn’t always the case), start by introducing yourself and asking the person their name. It is already a first step to get out of the anonymity and indifference of the street.

Sheltering people in distress

Because being homeless is not just about being hungry and cold: it’s risking street violence, its lacking essential care, it’s also lacking basic information to protect yourself and get out permanently. Also, allowing a person on the street to take shelter is quite simply assisting a person in danger and giving him a chance to get up.

Give to an association to help the homeless

Making a donation to an association which act concretely in favour of the most deprived people. With around fifty euros, our association can house, feed and support a homeless person for three days.

Do volunteer work to help people in need

Without volunteers, associations such as ours could not act. Isaac gafishi voluntarily work with the salaried teams within various structures for various missions, all of which are useful. Isaac gafishi helps homeless peoples. He loves to support people directly or indirectly.

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