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There is nothing better than a blouse that hits just below the buttocks when you do not know what to wear. Beige has the distinction of matching with all skin tones. It is also very easy to assemble and has a very chic side. Combine it with your raw straight jeans and a pair of heeled ankle boots for a casual but dressed look. Of course, do not forget to accessorize with for example some fine metal necklaces and golden pearls.

For a more primed look, tuck your blouse inside a skirt above the knee and wear your pumps.

The blouses are also chosen in fluid materials, but beware of transparency! It can have a shirt collar, Tunisian or others according to your preference.

The sticky basic is an opaque black. Avoid the lack of taste by choosing transparent tights, go for beautiful heather gray or dare colors such as pale pink, purple, red or mustard yellow worn in block color.

Opt for the plain and loose blouse in neutral hues. Do not choose too short and opt for the long sleeves for a wispy effect with a pretty straight skirt or opt for a more rock style by combining it with slim jeans.

Shop Without Clutter

A cluttered wardrobe is nothing fancy to look at. When shopping, strive to buy, for the moment, basics in terms of colors and cuts, I’m talking about timeless pieces. To go a little further, here are some rules on buying these essentials:

– a dress can highlight any woman’s form; we should all have several in our wardrobe, but the little black dress is one of the simplest to have for any occasion. Choose it above the knee and fitted with a dancer neckline for a timeless basic.

– good jeans are jeans that can be worn casual or dressed according to the occasion. A regular-fit, straight-cut jeans in a beautiful canvas (no effect used) is a wardrobe fan.

– the shoes finish our look, they maintain us and know how to bring us a boost of personal confidence. Heels mid-high round heels in a beautiful material such as suede and especially coral red color will give pep to your jeans as your dress.

Besides, a nice pair of ballerinas in nude tones can be useful for tired feet as well as stylish with all kinds of clothes. (Throw your damaged ballerinas for pity’s sake! These ones are very neglected.)

The Little Black Dress

The famous little black dress, discussed several times in many articles on shapes, is easy to wear for a thousand occasions and knows how to highlight your shapes!

The laser cut enhances the chest and marks the top of the waist. It is then flared at the bottom. Long sleeves or short sleeves, it is perfect for all seasons and is chosen knee length or above.

Once again choose it in basic colors to easily wear it. In winter, wear it with wool tights and boots, in the summer with sneakers.

What to put on top of your dress? Think of small short jackets (hip length) to structure the shape. You can mark the shoulders and neck with this style of dresses to break the look that screams “little girl”. So think shoulder pads, necklaces bib or vests bolero that will be the most beautiful effect!

Belt this outfit and add your favorite jewelry… and there you are ready to paint the town red! The flared black dress must be chosen above the knee and in a fluid material to prevent wrinkling.

Blazer And Skirt

The navy blazer jacket is very easy to wear everyday. Whether for a casual look or a more strict outfit, it knows how to adapt to all occasions.

In the evening, wear it with an empire dress and high heels. In the office, wear it with your right skirt or mix with your costumes to “break” the too strict style.

Remember to wear it on weekends with your jeans and a bright color blouse!

Navy blue can be worn with a wide range of colors. Think of it when you wear cream, camel, red or black.  The jacket must be chosen neither too long nor too short! At your hips, it will be easier to wear and will not weigh down your outfits.

The Plated Skirt

The pleated skirt is a good basic wardrobe piece.

Choose it in a dark color so you can mix it with other colors. Matching to a shirt, it gives a little “preppy” look, wear it with black opaque tights or color. To go out, this will also become your best friend.

Black Straight Skirt

The black straight skirt is a wardrobe essential for the office outfits but not just that!

Choose it above the knee and in a slightly stretchy material that will enhance your shape. It must be chosen “normal” size, that is to say neither high waist nor low waist but just in the middle. It is thanks to this normal size that you will be able to play the overlays with a long vest for example or a long blouse, or, more in a more dressy way, by choosing to tuck your top into the skirt.

The black straight skirt is a piece to have because whatever your silhouette, it has the effect of lengthening the horizontal lines forming a unit from the hips to the top of the knee. In addition the black color will refine your silhouette, a detail that each of us will appreciate…

For a nice look in the office, wear your skirt with mid-high heels and your cream-colored blouse.

For a Saturday night look, put on a fitted top and wear your blazer to structure the outfit. Do not forget your shoes!

Fashion In Africa

Even women who wear jeans every day will agree that having a few dresses in their closets is an absolute necessity. However, this timeless garment exists in so many different styles and shapes that it is not always easy to choose the best, and the risk is to buy an outfit that does not bring out the best of your features.

Current fashion is not just for twenty-year-old girls. Oh no! All women (40 or more) have the right to dress as they see fit, and there are hundreds of trendy pieces in cloth or loincloth in shops that will enhance any woman, no matter how old . A quick look below.

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