5 TIPS To Still Sleep ON With Makeup


Earlier we wrote something about how bad it is for you to sleep on with makeup. However, research shows that no less than half of the more than 500 women surveyed go to bed with a ‘dirty face’ and even 41 percent simply crawl underfoot with makeup. And here at the editors of Smulderstextiel.nl we have to confess … we are sometimes guilty of this. Very bad of course. But after a wild night out or a long, tired day it can still happen … We are therefore very happy with these tips, with which one night with makeup should be possible. Because if you do go to sleep with makeup, do it well.

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Tip 1 – Sleep on your back

And don’t move your head! The makeup guru of Kim Kardashian, and others advises to sleep on your back with your nose towards the ceiling. This way your pores will not get clogged extra because your pillow rubs the makeup in the pores. In addition, this sleeping position has even more benefits for your skin. It has even been proven that it prevents spots .

Tip 2 – Sleep on a satin pillowcase

According to the makeup guru, it is good to sleep on a satin pillowcase, such as van Lane . Not only does it have a moisturizing effect according to him, but the smooth soft fabric also ensures that you get fewer ‘sleep wrinkles’ in your face. Bonus: a satin pillowcase also ensures shiny hair! Froukje de Both, Kim Feenstra and many other celebrities are already fans . Try it yourself with one of pillowcases from our range.

Tip 3 – Give your makeup a boost in the morning

Sleeping overnight with makeup on is bad enough for your skin, so you don’t have to apply a new coat on it the next morning. Just pat some water on your face and remove the worst panda eyes with a remover. So you immediately look fresh and fruity!

Tip 4 – Do not leave it on your face for longer than 18 hours

Have you had the makeup on your face for more than 18 hours? Then wash your face thoroughly in the morning. If you have had a long working day with a lot of makeup, it is also advisable to really take everything off before going to sleep. Your skin has been hidden behind that layer of foundation for long enough.

Tip 5 – Give your skin some extra love

If you have forgotten it, give your skin some extra love. To limit the damage, according to Mona Gohara, dermatologist at Yale, it is smart to scrub the skin the next morning and then rub it on with an extra thick cream that nourishes the skin well.

But the best thing is of course to clean your face before you crawl under the covers. This way your skin will get the best beauty sleep it could wish for!

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