Why Whirlpool Microwave Not Heating? Easy Fixes


It is all very well cooking the food of your choice in your oven, but you will not be able to enjoy it if it is cold. So what does one do when the microwave is not heating up? Here are some quick fixes for this problem…

Step 1: Check The Fuse

The fuse is set up in your house to guard against any short circuit. When there is a fault, like when you cut off the oven’s plug while cooking, then this fuse will act as defense and stop power flow into that particular place. If this happens when you are cooking in your microwave oven, then this fuse would stop power to the microwave oven. So check if your fuse is working well; if it is not, then you will need to change it with a new one.

If you are sure that the problem is not because of a short circuit and that there is no electricity supply going into the oven, then go on to check the next step.

Step 2: Check The Door Is Closing Properly And Is Not Damaged

The oven will not heat up if the door is not closed properly or if it has been damaged in any way. Make sure that you close the door of your microwave oven with slight pressure and that it shutters as it closes. This helps ensure that the microwave gets power. If it is not closing properly, then you need to change the hinges of your door or replace your door with a new one.

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Step 3: Check If There Are Any Loose Screws

If there are any broken or loose screws inside the oven, then this will cause the thermostat to malfunction and stop heating up when needed. So check all screws that are placed in important places in your oven. Fix them with a screwdriver if they are loose.

If you find any broken screws, then change them with new ones.

Step 4: Search For Breaks In The Waveguide Cover

The waveguide is what conveys microwaves from the magnetron to the cavity. You will need to check whether this is well covered or not – if there are any cracks or damages to it, then they must be repaired before continuing your cooking process. This can be done by filling up these holes with some putty and making sure that there aren’t any loose fins by taping them down properly. After doing all this, your oven should now work normally again. If despite fixing all of these problems, you still do not see your oven heating food as it used to, then it might be time for a replacement.


So to conclude, if you are sure that the problem is not because of any short circuit and there isn’t any power supply going into the oven, then make sure your door is closing properly, and all screws around it are tight. Also, check for breakages in the waveguide cover and do all necessary repairs. After doing all this, your oven will now work as normal again. If, despite following these steps, you still do not see your oven heating food as it used to, then contact any appliance repair near you, and if you are in Edmonton, then better contact appliance repair Edmonton asap.

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