Abdullah Al-Antari a very promising young magician

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Magic is a hobby that may become a profession, but only really motivated magicians will succeed. Abdullah Al-Antari a very young magician. He is 22 years old and already has nothing left to prove in the world of magic.he started learning about magic three years ago. Currently residing in Germany. he does is close-up magic tricks. He finished high school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and currently he completing his studies in Germany. He certified by the International Magicians Society (IMS). Abdullah Al-Antari already excels in the field of magic. Between mentalism and illusion, the magician has more than one trick up his sleeve.

A success that did not come alone There are two categories of people, those who go back to sleep to continue dreaming and those who wake up to make their dreams come true. He belongs to the second category. At the start, when he was only a schoolboy, magic was just a hobby for him, a pastime to amuse those around him. At that time, his performances were seen by about 1,000 Internet users on his Facebook page. During the previous confinement, he developed his market on social networks by making videos. The period was propitious for success as a lot of people were looking for entertainment online at the time. Forseveral years, the young magician has performed at private and professional events and has hosted weddings, business seminars, Christmas trees, and even children’s birthday parties. Loving both close-up (proximity magic), mentalism. The Covid-19 crisis has taken artists away from the stage. The magicians were impacted by this forced shutdown. However, the young magician did not let himself be defeated during this period.

A professional magician does not have to work new tricks, because his audience is constantly changing. And we know very well that for a close-up performance, a set of 8 routines is enough to fill an entire evening. As for the scene, you have to create an entire show or specific numbers and he is expert in close-up magic trick.

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