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Creating a website for your business is not as complicated as it seems thanks to some very well-thought-out online services. Whatever the size of your company and its sector of activity, creating a website to present or promote it is no longer an asset, it is a prerequisite. And good news, in 2020, there are many free website builder services that make it very easy for you, even without any (or almost) no coding. But in this jungle, finding the best website builder service can be difficult at times, for newbies and others alike. Faced with the multitude of solutions to create a website, how do you know which one is right for you? Here we’ll try to help you choose the free website builder service that’s right for you, going over the pros and cons of the most popular of them.

B2Bmap is the biggest business portal & a platform for online business promotion for all type of businesses. It’s a comprehensive B2B portal aim to connecting global buyers and suppliers. We support SMEs and corporates through on-line business channels. We help consumers connect with businesses and get things done. Our online solutions include business promotion through B2B channel, search engine marketing (SEM) & advertising, web design, database & software development and marketing. We offer tailored online business solutions to help SMEs and corporates work more efficiently. Its a specialized b2b-portal for local or global manufacturers, buyers and supplies. Our online business tools help buyers and suppliers to establish and increase connections and communications on business affairs. Companies list their requirements for buying or list their products to sell or request quote for competitive pricing.

How to choose the best website building service for your needs?

The best website creation is a global b2b website, it is therefore essential to list first the 5 functions essential to your activity. Among the other criteria to be taken into account: your budget, your level of knowledge and the changes envisaged.

The price

One of the most important factors is obviously the price. If you are a small business with limited resources, you will surely be looking for a free solution. The economic benefit is certain, but the flip side is that you will have to deal with some important constraints, such as the inability to choose your own domain name, or limited storage capacity. Note that sometimes spending ten dollars more can allow you to achieve a much more professional result. 

Ease of use

The best website building services are b2bmap global b2b that offer both an easy and straightforward interface, while providing a wide range of options. Among the criteria that count, the services must allow without hassle to add:• The basic web pages you need, such as the homepage, about page, Services page, and Contact page. At a minimum.• More complex features such as image galleries or a contact form.• Other basic components that some businesses need, such as a blog, reservation or payment system, subscription features, or an online store.


You should also make sure that the website building platform you choose is able to meet your needs as your business grows. – a window, the global b2b gateway. A few mouse-clicks at, you’ll discover a world of unmatched online business opportunities. Opportunities, backed by efficient and reliable mix of online and offline value services that enable you to materialize your business dreams, irrespective of the size or type of your business.

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