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At some point in the life of a company, the business manager sometimes mentions the desire to change its corporate name. The circumstances force him to make this decision for the good of the company. Usually, a merger with another company is the cause of this change of company name, but it also happens that the image of this one has been tarnished for a long time.

Texvista is now

Driven by the idea of a globally transparent textile market, textilepages has been pursuing the goal of organizing, preparing and making information about textiles on the internet accessible since its founding in 2015. Day after day, textilepages helps thousands of buyers to find the right textiles and suppliers and to close deals without much effort. Now you can access product offers tailored specifically to your needs with just a few mouse clicks, Texvista is now is a Textilepages b2b online site for textile manufacturer and suppliers or buyers & sellers. Clothes Wholesalers, Buying & Selling.

Our advanced search filter function allows you to specify your search for selected marketplaces, suppliers or quality labels, textilepages will supply you with customized product offerings. And if you do not find what you are looking for right away, you also can use the buy requirement option to create targeted requests that suppliers can use to respond to your offers.

Textilepages’s search engine is one of the world’s most planned search engine for textiles and in order to expand the power of the search engine continuously, textilepages draws on a broad range of expert knowledge and cooperation with numerous companies in the textile industry. textile b2b marketplace are the new playing grounds, giving an unprecedented business networking opportunities across the world.


Whatever the reasons for a business owner to change the name of the company, it is essential to do some preliminary investigation. They are done with customers and investors to find the most suitable name among all those you have considered. Whether the change of company name is based on a buyout of goodwill or an evolution of activities, the procedure remains the same.


The change of company name requires time to think. The person (s) in charge cannot choose a name because it pleases them or because it is fashionable. The name of the company says a lot about the top executives. Suddenly, you have to take into account several elements in order to determine the ideal name. Above all, avoid choosing a complex name. Instead, choose a short name that will pass more easily between customers and therefore promote word of mouth. It must also convey the values ​​of the company and to a certain extent give an overview of the activities of the latter.


The new company name must be officially registered. This last step involves some administrative formalities that must be followed to the letter. Indeed, even if the will can come from the leader, the change of company name must come from the initiative of all the partners and the actors of the company.

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