Top 7 Kitchen Staples You Need When Shifting To A New Home!

Top 7 Kitchen Staples You Need When Shifting To A New Home!

Shifting to a new home? While the thought of stepping into your brand new, dream house fills our hearts with the excitement and anticipation of the new and unprecedented, it is also quite daunting and in all fairness, quite exhausting. Moving or shifting to a new home means relocating yourself, your emotions and all your belongings. It is a strenuous process and can even prove to be back-breaking. 

The first thing you need to do when you move in is ensuring that you are all stocked up on your staple and other essential food items. Eating well is imperative to maintaining good health and mood especially when shifting to a new house. Also, keeping your kitchen stocked is always a good idea because that way you have one less thing to worry about. 

You need not go all out and buy everything you can get your hands on. Since your house will be in a disarranged fashion, you need a few kitchen staples that can get you and your family through the initial days.

The 7 Kitchen Staples You Must Stock Up Your New House With

Extravaganza comes later. When you move in, keeping things basic and down to a bare minimum is essential. Since, in the initial stages, there is a lot of work to do and going out to eat every day is neither feasible nor economical, it is advisable to stock up on some kitchen staples so that you can cook something up in absolutely no time at all. Let us take a look at 7 such kitchen staples that you can buy today:

1. Basmati Rice – Rice is an Indian staple that we cannot do without, no matter the circumstances. Therefore, if there is any staple that can top this list then it is rice. And not just any rice – Basmati Rice. Since you are moving into your new home, each day becomes a celebration that calls for something new. To make it easy for yourself, you can shop basmati rice online and choose from the authentic and organic variants available.

2. Flours – Flour or Atta is another staple and perhaps the second most important Indian staple that we absolutely cannot do without. When your palate is tired of rice and your body wants something different, you can whip up some roti or parathas, all thanks to Flours. It is a healthy option to go for if you choose the right brand.

3. Salt & Sugar – No cooking is complete without salt and sugar and no dish tastes the same without a little balance of the two. Salt and Sugar are probably two of the most indispensable items on this list. Salt and sugar are responsible for the food tasting the way it tastes. No matter the cuisine, no matter the dish, you cannot cook anything without salt and sugar. So, when you move into your new house, make sure you stock up on your salt and sugar, for a flavourful new beginning.

4. Spices – Nobody likes bland food. In India, we like our food to be nothing short of flavourful explosions inside our mouth and that is why Indians cannot live without and cook without cooking spices. Be it the colour, texture or the taste of the food, salt and sugar need their accompaniments which can be found in spices. You can pick out the essential spices and stock up on them or pick them out depending on the kind of cuisine and food you generally like to eat or cook.

5. Millets & Quinoa – They say the first meal of the day should be the most complete and nutrition-packed meal of your day so that you can push yourself harder. When shifting to a new house, a new day means new work and hustle – there is just so much work to do that unless you get a kick out of your breakfast, you will never come around to doing the things that need to be done at once. That is why you need millets and quinoa. These are really rich sources of fibre that keep you full for longer hours. Furthermore, they are rich in proteins and other essential minerals as well. Starting the day with a great millet and/or quinoa breakfast is probably the ideal way to start your day at your new house for both you and your kids.

6. Jams & Spreads – Let’s face it – you will want food after your lunch and before your dinner. Evening snacks are something that a lot of us just cannot do without. Waiting for dinner seems easier when we have had something to eat in the middle. Also, sometimes, the kids or even you can tire of eating the same breakfast every day. It may be a healthy choice but sometimes we need to cave in and give in to our taste bud demands. Having jams and spreads makes life so much easier. You can put them on your biscuits or even your bread and it makes for an amazingly fulfilling breakfast that leaves you feeling good and provides the body with some nutritional value as well.

7. Ghee – Imagine an Indian kitchen that doesn’t have ghee – it is a nightmare and honestly it is best not to even think about it. Natural ghee is probably the best addition to rice, roti, parantha or whatever Indian dish you are cooking. It adds a dynamic flavour and aroma to the preparation that is to die for. Also, natural ghee has a lot of nutritional value. You can buy ghee online from several manufacturers to choose from, selling it in the most organic and authentic form.

These are the 7 kitchen staples that you cannot do without. Shopping in between the exhausting task of moving can be stressful. So, you can shop online for all your groceries and avail of good discounts as well.  

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