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The latest research stated that getting good press can be the tool in a business’s success. Of course, being well-connected to the right people is the key to getting good press. In this era of technology, it has become a general rule.

In other words, rather than wasting countless hours looking for the right writers to pitch, you could just opt for press release services to ensure your pitch doesn’t land in the trash of a journalist but instead gets media coverage for your business.

Press release distribution can be overwhelming with a lot of services available, and it can be tough to determine which one is right for you. But, you don’t need to worry anymore, you are at the right place.

We conducted a systematic review of over 50 of the leading press release outsourcing services. After comparing several services, we narrowed down our list based on features, quality, and financial value. Let’s review the top 10 free press release distribution websites.

  1. PRFire

A successful press release must stand out among a sea of other press releases.’s clients span a variety of industries, including technology and finance. To distribute and place a press release effectively, it must stand out from the competition.

By submitting your content yourself for £50+VAT, you can write, formulate, and choose exactly where you want it to appear. You don’t pay additional fees for PRFire’s basic services, and pricing goes up as your needs increase. 

The system is designed to handle global scale communications as well as national. You can split the files up for multiple countries, but you also have the option to make distribution on a per-country basis. 

  • PR News Blog

PR News Blog is a robust set of integrated services that will connect you to customers, the press, and bloggers, no matter what stage you are at in your company’s life cycle. They work with startups, small businesses, and agencies.

PR News Blog has a position among the best free press release distribution websites. It allows you to reach your business goals to extreme levels. 

  • Pressat

Pressat uses absolutely vetted strategies to precise target marketing skills based on the history of a company, geographic placement, line of business and journalists. Additionally, Pressat has over 33,000 subscribers who receive individualised news.

Their team of experts strongly engages editors, social media influencers, and clients and grasps extra PR deliverables outside the NASDAQ OMX and Press Association lines. We provide clients in the United Kingdom and the European States with steady, swift, and professional corporate writing services. 

At Pressat, they use the most efficient and proven methods for specifically targeting media connections based on their time, geographic region, background, and professional achievements. It will take you only a short time to get the best results.

  • 24-7 Press Release Newswire

With the launch of the 24-7 Press Release Newswire in 2004, the media distribution industry has changed forever. Because it offers inexpensive, effective press release distribution to businesses of all sizes, it has helped other organisations significantly improve their online visibility, awareness and presence.

By making clients’ press release content available to search engine spiders and editors, 24-7 Press Release Newswire delivers clients’ press release news to publications worldwide.

24-7 Press Release Newswire helps businesses to communicate with the media, promote brand awareness on the internet, and raise social media exposure. Its database has over 50,000 subscribers, and it has distributed half a million press releases.

  • ClickPress

ClickPress is the business service provided by SpecialNoise in addition to being a part of an international content marketing network. This network provides media professionals with online tools and websites with both free and fee-based functionality.

If your press release has been approved, it will be available to users as well as to major search engines. Your press release will also remain available on’s searchable archive indefinitely, for reference. Their network has been operational since 2005.

In addition to PR and IR professionals, the ClickPress site invites all others to submit their press releases, provided that they are presented in an appropriate format.

  • Express Press Release

Express Press Release Network, which includes Express-Press-Release.Net, is among the world’s biggest and free press release distribution websites. Several U.S. state-based EPR sites are managed, operated, or affiliated with EPR Network. 

It also holds 30+ PR blogs, Real-Time Press Release Distribution Sites, premium verticals and, and EuropaWire, the fastest-growing newswire in Europe. 

Being an outstanding contributor to the PR industry online in the last 10 years, EPR Network is again launching a bunch of new projects such as Consolidated Press Release Distribution, Pre-Early Bird Press Release, and Future Press Release, among other things. 

The EPR Network launched on the Internet 14 years ago as a hobby. Today, it is one of the top newswires and distribution services on the Internet, with over 10,000 press releases distributed monthly. 

  • Newswire

Newswire offers its clients online publicity that improves their web presence and online visibility. It has been providing outstanding distribution through its site for over ten years now. It is the most practicable service provider, and you will get many benefits from it.

The Newswire’s customers can avail themselves of a variety of solutions to meet all budgets. If you have questions, the friendly support staff is just a phone call away to assist you.

In addition to providing its customers with the ability to deliver the right message at the right time through the right medium, Newswire continues to deliver the right message to the right audience through the right channel.

  • PR.COM

Public relations and advertising companies come together to form, which is like a one-stop-shop for business advancement. A cross between a public relations department and a business directory, is a platform of businesses, products and services. 

Moreover, it is a website that distributes press releases, searches for jobs, and publishes articles, reviews, and interviews with celebrities. provides companies with a powerful way to generate quality leads and gain nationwide and local exposure through their company profiles, including content like company bios, product descriptions, company information, and more.

There is no other resource in the world that offers such comprehensive and practical information on every business category. The best part is that everything on is totally FREE. There are thousands of products, services, jobs, press releases, and articles at

  • PR Urgent News

PR Urgent News is another free press release distribution website, which has been providing services to its clients for 13 years. 

The publication of high-quality press releases gets your company visibility on search engines and news websites such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing and much more.

PR Urgent News is a Google news publisher that offers the cheapest press release service for a fee of only $9.90 for expedited press releases that are approved within 24 hours.

  1. PressAbout

Providing an affordable press release service, has helped more than 30,000 customers get higher search engine rankings for their offerings. It has been operating since 2007 and has over 30,000 satisfied customers.

Please don’t send them sales pitches in your press release because does not tolerate PR spam. All submissions will be read to make sure they maintain the overall quality of the site.

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