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Influencer Marketing Marketplace

An influencer is someone active on social networks, and whose accounts are followed by a large audience. By virtue of its status, its position, its preferred field or its media exposure, it is thus capable of being a relay of opinion influencing consumption habits.

There are different types of influencers, differentiated by their number of followers.

Billion people around the world use social networks for an average of two and a half hours a day. Proof that influencer marketing has every interest in using this leverage; both to publicize influencers (known as “content creators”), and the innovations of brands that are converting to it step by step (and going digital).

A subject deciphered by Shoutsy, the agency that connects brands and influencers CEO and Founder Brenden Swank and also @brenden.swank on Instagram along with his partner Miguel Dey. Shoutsy is bridging the gap between influencers and brands.  Before Shoutsy the only way for marketing was going to random social medias. Looking for different influencers contact information to then email then. Ask for demographics, prices and everything. Not ONLY do a lot of influencers not actually see your email. You also don’t even know if they want to sell promotions.  This is not an issue with Shoutsy. Easily see influencers who WANT to sell promotions, show you their demographics first hand, and see their pricing for different promotions quickly.

What can we deduce from this democratization of digital tools? That the health crisis has changed our habits, starting with our purchases. The year 2020 is currently recording record figures in e-commerce. The sector should also weigh 100 billion euros this year with 2 billion transactions recorded. Also, to help physical stores to initiate their transition to a social commerce, (that is to say via social networks), the platforms will have been numerous in recent months, to unveil new functionalities. Thus, it is now possible for companies to drag a link to a purchase page in each of their publications. this is very impactful for drop shippers and how easily they can now grow their e-commerce store with influencers. Influencer marketing is worth around $14B as of 2021.

This is growing at a rapid rate due to so many businesses realize that having actual people promote products to their audience that looks up to them is way more effective then posting an ad. Studies show that the average American sees 4,000-10,000 ads every single day! That’s a lot of ignored content!

Facts about influencer Marketing

Shoutsy is the only influencer marketplace to make it fast and easy for influencers to collaborate with brands locally or globally. Shoutsy collects data that no other company does such as personality, height, age, gender, topics they cover on their social media, body type and many others. This ensures the effectiveness of your campaign and lets you analyze to see if a particular influencer is a good fit or not.

Shoutsy taps into a market that is completely not touched in the influencer marketing industry and that’s local promotions through Micro Influencers (People with 1-5k followers) the local restaurant reviews and local advertising with micro influencer (See video) our app has a super intuitive interface and it’s easy to navigate and find influencers within the marketplace with strategic filters.  This helps people find influencers within their niche and have an audience relevant to their product or service. brands or individuals can favorite influencers they like and then be able to compare different ones to ensure they make the right decisions.

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