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After his beginnings in 1987 as a financial security advisor at London Life, Jean-François Salvail specialized in the business people market after having teamed up with Gestion Privée 1859 of the National Bank from 2011 to 2018.

Since then, he as a financial security advisor as well as my firm, was part of the Groupe Financier Horizons network.
Jean-François Salvail provides exclusive customer service as an expert in complex and advanced cases. I act with great professionalism with a wealthy clientele.

He combines his expertise with that of the professionals who surround these clients. He is like a conductor and makes sure he has a complete view of his clients’ businesses. Jean-François Salvail finds it easy to transform certain very complex concepts into simple solutions for the client.

The concepts of strategies are intended to be used on specific planning occasions and to provide effective insurance solutions for high net worth and business clients. Whether the needs are personal or professional in nature, a wide range of innovative concepts support the possibility of integrating life insurance and living benefit contracts, easily showing clients and their professional advisors how these strategies can help them deal with their particular situation.
But before talking about concepts, let’s talk about estate planning.

What is estate planning and why is it important?

Estate planning is a game plan punctuated by important actions and decisions to be made. Respect for your vision: the more precise your wishes, the less risk there is that they will not be honored. A form of protection in the event of incapacity: it may be wise to designate one or more people who will watch over you and take charge of managing your assets.

Without a protection mandate, also called an incapacity mandate, it could be more complicated for your loved ones to access your account

Building a tax strategy adapted to your situation, if we detail your net worth before your death, I could help you reduce the financial impacts of transferring your assets.

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