“The Lost File’s” The Story of Long Beach’s 90s Rap Culture

"The Lost File's" The Story of Long Beach's 90s Rap Culture

Rap has become mainstream in united states more than ever. Unpopular in the 90s, the musical genre is now the most streamed in united states, thus taunting U.S song and thwarting all the predictions of those who wanted to see the genre remain on the sidelines. The reasons? The arrival of streaming platforms acclaimed by young people, particularly fond of the projects of U.S-speaking rappers. So, to accompany you on the highway that French rap has become. The most popular video streaming platform in the world is full of interesting and varied content on the different facets of rap. Many documentaries, series and films highlight the current and past glories of hip-hop.

Blue Flame Mega being in a new Documentary Series called “The Lost Files” produced by Ruined Mnds Hosted By Brandee Carter with interviews From Technic, Pac-Ten,Quictamac, E-Money, Daytone Doe,Perfec, 800 Hunnid, Gb, Prince Hayes, Tre Action and H.I.T available on YouTube Now https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=Ruined+Mnds

In this Documentary we talk about Living in the City of Long Beach at the Time That Snoop Dogg was at the Height of his Career and being in the Battle Rap Scene of Long Beach trying to make names for ourselves while holding down our city. Blue Flame Mega was in a rap group called C.H.A.P T.F. A and they were taking on all Rapper’s to become one of the Elite Groups in Long Beach. His music was all over the streets and in the Liquor stores before any of the local Artist were. Blue Flame Mega constantly sold out shows and perform where ever we could grab a mic. Long Beach was the Mecca for rap once Snoop Dogg became the king of rap in the 90s. Blue Flame Mega perseverance is what made him who he is today and I’m only getting stronger and gardening more fame to become a legend in his own right.

Battle Rap Documentary-Series detailing the experiences and stories of some of the most infamous Long Beach battle rap crews coming up in the 90’s – the early 2000’s era of hip-hop. Listen as they share their stories narrated through interviews about how they began and the quest to be the king of the streets, and find out who they thought really held Long Beach’s battle rap crown.


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