HBO Max Preço: how to subscribe and at what price? Available in the United States since May 2020, HBO Max entered the ultra-competitive world of subscription video-on-demand in the midst of the pandemic, which has certainly enabled it to attract a large number of subscribers in a lot of novelties and hobbies at home. In February 2021, the platform announced that it would expand to 39 Latin American countries in the coming months. Next destination in sight: Europe. HBO Max is owned by Warner: the platform therefore mainly offers content from the famous American studio, which also has television channels. In 2020, an announcement from HBO Max shook Hollywood: all of the major film productions offered by the studio in 2021 will be released at the same time in theatres and on HBO Max. In this way, Warner hopes to optimize the audience as well as the revenues associated with its big budget films, in a period when cinemas are not all open and when the public may be reluctant to move. It can also motivate new people to subscribe to HBO Max to take advantage of the exclusives. Streaming product Hbo Max has affordable plans and attractive prices and its complete catalogue with superior quality than its rivals in the streaming business. In place of the old HBO service called HBO GO, the new HBO MAX Preço came with new technology because it is a lighter, more complete and more affordable application for all those who want to have a subscription service without paying too much. Hbo Go is the old service available from HBO that was used by the vast majority of Brazilians as the MAX service was not yet active within Brazilian territory. HBO go only counts original productions made by HBO where HBO MAX enters with a certain advantage in the GO service. The platform also includes a rather vast offer of documentaries, in particular drawn from the catalogue of Curiosity Stream, which produces a lot of historical and scientific documentaries. Part of CNN's catalogue of thematic reports is also available: here too, there is content related to history, but also to criminal investigations and political investigations. Check out some confirmed HBO MAX programming: • HBO Originals: Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Chernobyl, Sex and the City, The Flight Attendant, Raised by Wolves among others; • DC Comics: WW84 (Wonder Woman 1984), Batman, Superman, DC 's The Flash; • Warner Bros.: Gossip Girl, Friends, Warner 's The Big Bang Theory; • Sports Championships: UEFA Champions League; • Children's content, such as full Looney Tunes and Cartoon Network programming, among others. All the products that are shown on the platform you can check through the official HBO MAX website, enter, and you will be able to contemplate with your subscription if you are interested in being an HBO subscriber. See HBO Max pricing and plans: HBO Max plan Monthly Quarterly Yearly HBO Max Mobile BRL 19.90/month BRL 54.90 for 3 months (BRL 18.30/month) BRL 169.90/year (BRL 14.16/month) HBO Max Multiscreen BRL 27.90/month BRL 74.90 for 3 months (BRL 24.97/month) BRL 239.90/year (BRL 19.99/month) Finally, HBO offers the best of Brazilian Streaming, with several movies and series at an attractive price for all subscribers. Did you like the post? Share with the friends.

HBO Max Preço: how to subscribe and at what price?

Available in the United States since May 2020, HBO Max entered the ultra-competitive world of subscription video-on-demand in the midst of the pandemic, which has…

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