Learning About Resistance Bands and Some Best Options to Choose From

resistance bands

Even though resistance bands form an important part of gym equipment, most people barely understand how to use them during their regular workout routines. However, for people intending to add strength training to their daily exercise routine, or looking for alternative options to using weights, resistance bands can prove to be a great choice. They help in enhancing the workout outcomes for beginners, experienced trainees, as well as those recovering from an injury. However, before investing in this best gym equipment online, it is important to gain a better understanding of what resistance bands truly are their different types.

A Brief Overview of Resistance Bands

As the name suggests, resistance bands are a type of workout equipment made from latex material and offer an effective way to stretch and strengthen the different muscles of the body. These bands are designed to be stretchable, portable, lightweight, and do not break easily and come in different widths. While most resistance bands are of the same length, it is their thickness that buyers need to focus on. The thickness of the bands can range from 1 to 6 and the thicker the width of a band the higher is its resistance and the more difficult it is to use. Working out with the bands can help to build strength and improve mobility besides which they can be used for rehabilitation, for weight lifting and even for pull-ups.

Types Of Resistance Bands

Given the versatility of resistance bands, it is not surprising that there are different types of bands available in the market. Being aware of these different types as listed below is essential for prospective buyers to make the right choice.

  • Bands with handles are generally designed in the form of tubes supporting handles at either end and are primarily used for building muscle strength and size.
  • Therapy flat resistance bands are often wide and flat which makes them easy to wrap around the hand while they are generally used in therapy settings and in pilates programs.
  • Loop bands are similar to therapy bands except that they are smaller and form a closed loop which makes them easy to use for strengthening of legs and buttocks.
  • Leg and arm tube resistance bands are closed-loop tube bands that are available in different variations depending on the specific body that they are used to strengthen.
  • Power and mobility bands are heavy-duty loop bands that are mostly used for cross-training with power lifting and also for stretching and correcting mobility issues.

Top 5 Resistance Bands Available In India

With several different brands offering a wide range of resistance bands, choosing the best ones can prove to be quite confusing. Given below are the brief details of the top 5 best resistance bands in India to make the choice easier.

FITSY 18 Pcs Resistance Bands Set For Exercise

Priced at Rs. 2,249, this is the only 18 pcs resistance band set available in India and can be used for a full-body workout. The set consists of 5 Stackable Exercise Toning Tube for Workout with 2 Handles, 5 Resistance Loop Bands, 1 Carry Bag, 2 Ankle Straps, 1 Door Anchor & 2 Workout Charts. The stackable bands can be separated from their handles and can be used with different muscle groups.

Kobo Power Latex Resistance Band With Loop

With a cost of Rs. 2100, this set of durable latex resistance bands from Kobo is suitable for performing all types of workouts. The presence of a loop on both ends ensures that the trainees get a better grip while working out. The bands do not have any joints and are designed for great durability when used within the specified strength range.

SLOVIC Resistance Tube With Door Anchor

With a cost of Rs 599, this is perhaps one of the most affordable, yet durable and flexible resistance tubes available in India. The tube features a door anchor that makes it suitable for performing specific workouts that require setting up the tube at a certain angle. The tube offers a resistance of around 25kgs and is more suitable for a more intense workout by experienced trainees.

Burnlab Fabric Resistance Band Set

Priced at Rs. 1599, this set of fabric-covered bands is designed for performing lower body strength and toning workouts safely and effectively. Made from high-quality, cotton-blended, stretchable fabric material these bands are less prone to slipping especially while performing exercises such as hip band walk. They also feature a high-quality latex material with two interlacing layers of grippy materials for enhanced strength and durability.

Fitlastics Resistance Loop Bands Set

Having a price of Rs. 599, this set of four bands is suitable for hip, glutes and squats exercises. The bands are made from 100% natural latex which makes them highly elastic, odor-free and durable. However, they are not designed for bodybuilding or strength and muscle development workouts although they can be used for a range of other exercises including glute and hip activation, and even in yoga and pilates.

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