Isaac Gafishi is a Famous Youtuber

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‘YouTube’ is the second most visited website in the world. Wondering who’s first? The ‘Google’ search engine, owner of the platform since 2006. Users who are unfamiliar with the platform do not perceive it as a social network, but this way of seeing it changes if you are an active user. To exercise the profession of YouTube, there is no associated diploma, but to hope to break into the YouTube channel, many skills upgrades are essential. A professional Youtuber must be versatile and thus master all the stages of content creation.  Some professional training is strongly recommended to make a living from this profession and increase the number of subscribers on the channel. Face-to-face or distance training in community management allows video designers to learn how to effectively share their content on social networks. Oral expression lessons can also be used for public speaking and to obtain impeccable articulation. A YouTuber receives income through the monetization of his channel (compensation for advertisements), through the establishment of partnerships with brands or even through crowdfunding. Donations are then one-off and the public can then receive a gift from the youtuber as a dedication.

Isaac Gafishi is a famous youtuber, he does pranks, interviews, help others as right now but in the near future he will be out helping people, He just want to save the world. The Youtuber can choose to work alone in this case he is versatile. He can also choose to surround himself with specialists, experts in their field: graphic designer, video editor, web editor, community manager. This professional is then brought to work with the brand directors or the manager of the web marketing pole for the establishment of partnerships. The community of YouTubers is growing. It is not uncommon to see several YouTuber join forces for a project. If you’re more of an introvert, it can be quite stressful. Practice so you’re more comfortable when your director (best friend?) shouts, “Action! The choice of your environment must make sense for your video, without distracting the viewer. Make sure your settings emphasize your voice and not the background noise. And have consistency in audio-visual quality throughout the video.

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