Huawei To Reach 480 Million Households Worldwide By 2025 With 5G Support


The smartphone giant company from China, Huawei said that they expect to expand their services to 480 million houses worldwide after the start of 5G broadband services by the year 2025. The Chief Executive said this about the 5G developments on Tuesday.

While speaking at one of the biggest telecom events in San Paulo, Derrick Sun, from Huawei Brazil noted that right now more than 70 countries will start to use the 5G services by the year 2021. Right now, there are at least 40 countries that have some types of 5G network devices and in 56 countries 5G networks are already tested.

Despite the blacklist of Huawei smartphones in the US, the Chinese smartphone is still going solid without any problems. It has a profitable third quarter and created a solid based in China’s Smartphone market.

As of now, Brazil is still conducting tests related to the 5G network and only after that they will set up the auction of the 5G spectrum. According to the government authorities, the auction of the 5G spectrum will be next year.

Brazil has a bright and amazing future ahead related to the 5G network as the largest telecoms equipment maker is working in order to provide more affordable 5G devices. This will surely prove helpful for the people of Brazil to get access to the great quality of equipment and enjoy high-speed internet.

According to the information from the Sun, right now there are many manufacturers in Brazil that has more than 130 5G devices which are priced under $500. The prices of the devices will start to decline in the second half of 2020. This way every person can find a good 5G device in their budget and use the 5G internet.

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