How to Start a Photography Business

How to Start a Photography Business

“Many called, but few chosen”. Matthew may not be the patron saint of photographers, but this sentence remains true. Professional photography is one of the most competitive industries. Each year, thousands of photography enthusiasts plan to turn their passion into printing money – or at least, making it a profession they could make a living from. Do you know what that means? That if you want to achieve Nirvana from photography, your prayers will not be enough. You will need to define a clear strategy and implement it reliably, armed with the right tools.

The only problem: management is really not your thing. Besides, believe us, no one is born with a passion for Excel files! We know that if it was up to you, you’d still prefer to work with Instagram filters (and that’s hell already!). Fortunately, in addition to being your favorite web designer , we’ve got you covered with the best tips every step of the way. So close this little green window and follow the 13 steps that will follow to get started professionally (and successfully) in photography.

In an ideal world, a philanthropist would come out of nowhere and offer you mountains of money to complete the photo project you’ve been planning for three years. You are not told to stop dreaming (never stop), only you might as well take the lead. This is why you need to build a business plan. Take charge and show everyone around you that you have enough credibility to become a professional photographer. In no way does that mean that you have to sell your soul to the devil along the way. There is a divide between the “fully commercial” and the “only creative”. It is between the two that you must find your place and flourish. How do you go about it exactly?

Start by taking a pen and drawing two columns on a sheet of paper (go ahead, we’ll be waiting for you next). In the left column, write down all the expenses you will have to pay at the beginning. Try to plan for everything from licensing and insurance to camera equipment and the cost of the studio if you need it. Indeed, you will need to know exactly how much you are going to spend before calling your family for help, applying for a bank loan or following one of our 7 tips for starting your small business. To know more about this phrase photo studio for rent can be helpful.

It is done ? Now fill in the second column with the services you plan to offer. Obviously, always go to the services you have the most experience for, whether it’s wedding photography, interior shoots or portraits. Don’t limit yourself to your core skills – explore as many ideas as possible. For example, if you are a professional travel photographer, in addition to sending your photos to magazines, you may want to consider selling some to photo agencies or online galleries. There are tons of options, don’t be afraid to take advantage of them all.

For each service you choose to offer in your business plan, set a price. Depending on your industry, you will either work on the mission, with copyright, or based on an hourly rate. For the latter option, it’s up to you to define how much an hour of your time is worth. The hourly rate depends a lot on your location, the types of clients you work for, and your past experiences as well as your reputation. It is not easy to estimate your market value. Talk to other photographers on professional forums to get a quote on what they charge. Surf to the sites of your colleagues in the area, and even try to call a few as a client for a quote. Ultimately, set your own prices,

Warning ! A mistake made by many photographers is to only take into account the time of the shoot. In fact, for every hour you spend at an event, you will need at least two additional hours of photo editing. Not to mention the time spent on other activities related to your business, such as negotiating with your customers, transportation, finding inspiration and… taking vacations (yes, you deserve it!). Remember to include them when setting your prices.

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