Alex Drives In the Dirt Because Clearly The Aventador S Coupe Is Too Clean


Alex Ojjeh’s sentence was kind of a joke. He was supposed to do 90 days and ended up getting rehab in Beverly Hills or Nevada and home confinement. When he was in rehab, he shipped the Lamborghini to Nevada, he was able to drive it around before shipping it back. Basing our assumption on the picture that he posted above, it seems like Pito dropped Alex’s lambo off to race in, and Alex was like, “Man, it’s been like a month since I’ve driven a car. I think I’ll go drive the Lamborghini Aventador in the dessert. Yeah, Imam do that.”

Turning 34 usually coincides with swapping your hoodies and joggers for tailored suits for, trying (and probably succeeding) to get on back on the corporate ladder, and making some attempt to stop shit posting on Twitter. Alex, however, has decided in his 34th year of life, he doesn’t need to grow up at all. He wants to be as bold and brash as ever.

The 700 horsepower Lamborghini Aventador is doing just fine in Alex’s care.

Alex has added a black Ferrari to his supercar collection, proving that he’s got good taste, when it comes to cars.

The American investor shows-off his supercars recently on Instagram. Alex’s Ferrari is finished in black with a contrasting black roof and optional carbon fiber trim. The calipers of the brakes are painted to complement the exterior tone. The interior of the supercar is finished in black Alcantara and leather with black accents.

Alex loves black, the car was purchased from dealer and it was with just 301 miles on the odometer. As is with most exclusive exotics, the seller didn’t divulge the price.

Alex Ojjeh is known for being a businessman who faced criminal charges that dated back to 2011, but we know him for being a private person with an excessive lifestyle. At this moment the Instagram account is everything, but humble, he has displayed yet another expensive property owned by him and a watch case built into a wall in the house with about $2 million worth of watches including, gold and platinum Rolexs, APs, Pateks, Richard Milli watches.

The Memphis native who is part of a car club in Nashville shard his photo sitting the ride on his Instagram where the close look of his Gold Presidential Rolex watch can be seen.

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