How to Organize and Promote of a Film Festival

How to Organize and Promote of a Film Festival

Organized for charitable purposes or simply to publicize its association under the 1901 law, the festival is an event that aims to be convivial and festive, but also informative. However, organizing a festival is not an easy task. Indeed, it is necessary to follow several essential steps for its organization: choice of the place, communication, ticketing, definition of the budget, search for financing … In addition, it is necessary to respect a certain number of legal obligations such as the subscription to an insurance or again the completion of a declaration formality with the competent authority. In addition, there is the management of members and volunteers of the associative body before and during the event. Also, to ensure the success of your festival, take these few points into account during your preparations. DMV nude falls under the DMV international film Festival it is just one of its mini events the event is coming up in 45 days the actual film festival will be held December 2022.

The different steps to follow for the organization of a festival

As with any associative event (concert, show, sports tournament, etc.), the organization of a festival must also go through several important stages. Find out which ones.

Define the theme of the festival 

Before organizing a festival, it is essential to determine the theme on which this associative event will be based. This will also allow you to rally other people and possibly other associations and institutions to your project. It goes without saying that the theme depends above all on your expectations and the objectives of the event. The duration as well as the area it will cover can also help you define the theme. Festival of music, dance, cinema, theatre there is no shortage of ideas. The theme can also be used to define the name of the festival.

And its frame

As for the setting in which the festival will be held, it should not be chosen at random. It must effectively meet the facilities required for the event. Likewise, the capacity of the place must be proportional to the number of festival-goers expected. And this, whether it is a room or an outdoor space. In any case, depending on the location chosen, the completion of certain administrative procedures may be compulsory. This is particularly the case in public areas and on public roads.

Establish programming

The program is undoubtedly the common thread that will ensure the smooth running of the festival. A well-crafted program will not fail to contribute to the success of this event. Obviously, it must take into consideration the technical constraints and the fees of the artists. But also, the decisions initially taken with the stakeholders when signing the contract.

Ensure the safety of the festival

Of course, the association must ensure the safety of the festival and take all necessary measures to limit the risk of accident. You must therefore do everything possible to respect and ensure that the safety rules in force are respected. This not only by festival-goers, but also by members of the staff (members and volunteers within the associative body, service providers, artists, etc.). When the situation requires it (festival gathering more than 1,500 people for example), the formation of a security service can even be obligatory.

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