5 Factors to Keep in Mind Before Installing a New Water Heater

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Winter is around the corner, and water heater installation may be the first thing running in your mind right now. However, this topic is essential for those people who are installing water heaters for the first time in their homes. According to the Energy Star stated by the United States Department of Energy, around 8 million old water is replaced every year alone in the USA, and around 2 million are installed in new homes. 

After reading these numbers, you might get an idea of how essential a water heater is these days in every house. But the thing is to avoid making the mistake of buying the wrong water heater model. If you do so, it will cost you some consequence that starts from poor efficiency to water contamination. 

That means you need that water heater that isn’t good but makes your money worth it. With the advancement of technology, new water heaters nowadays are highly powerful, durable, and more efficient than previous models. Apart from that, when the point is of installing a water heater, it should be a stress-free experience and be done smoothly that will leave you and every member of your family with an increased standard of living. 

How to know whether I need a new water heater?

According to thebest water heater installation San Diego if you are not aware which is the best time to install a brand new water heater, then take a look at the below things: –

  • Your older water heater offering some trouble or a higher risk of malfunctioning
  • Looking for water heater installation which can quickly fulfill the needs of your family
  • Moving to a new home and ensuring to meet your hot water needs
  • When your previous water heater is delivering contaminated water, which proves a significant health hazard. 

So, if you are looking for a installing new water heater at your home, you must consider the below factors. 

1 Water heater type

This is one of the best things these days, making the overall water heater installation process easy and smooth. Mainly, there are two categories of water heaters that are tankless and tank heaters. However, each category comprises many varieties which wholly depend upon home. 

When you talk about a tankless water heater, it is less costly to run, which means it will save your money. Apart from that, running longer means installing them at home will be a long-term investment. Moreover, they come without a tank, so they take up less space.

Tank water heaters are cheaper when you first install them. While a tankless water heater can easily offer hot water as long as you need, the tank water heater will be able to keep up with the demand.

2 Type of fuel

Mainly, water heaters come in two types of fuel : gas and electricity. However, these days water heaters are also fueled by solar energy and propane. Thus, gas water heaters will cost you more, but they are more energy-efficient than electricity. 

However, when you talk about electric water heaters, they have a higher lifespan and also avoid safety risks like a gas leak, etc. But whatever you choose, have a clear idea about your home needs.

3 What will be the size of the water heater?

The size of the water heater and type, if wholly depends upon your home water usage. That means if you are living alone and your home has only one shower, then a tankless water heater is the best choice. Moreover, it offers plenty of hot water for any fixture at a time, and they are ready instantly.

On the other hand, if your family is big and has many showers that come to use simultaneously, then the tank system is a perfect choice. 

4 Energy efficiency

Are you worried about high electricity costs? So, to bring down the utility cost, think about investing in an energy-efficient water heater. For example, you can opt for solar water heaters as they are energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint.

5 What will be the water heater installation cost?

Generally speaking, tankless water heaters are easier to install. Apart from that, if your home has a tank water heater, then it isn’t easy to install or rearrange your pipes to work with the new system.  

That means when you talk about installation cost, it varies from place to place and one company to another. So, ensure to ask about the cost before call one for the installation. 

The bottom line

Apart from all the above factors, you can also contact the best water heater installation in San Diegoto further cement your choice. The reason is licensed, professional, and experienced people know how to guide the homeowner in the right direction.

So, I hope you have learned something important about installing a hot water heater at your home in the best possible way. 

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