How to find the most relevant YouTube Influencer for your influencer marketing campaign

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Many companies are harnessing the power of social media and their influencers to build brand and product recognition. It is therefore increasingly important for companies to familiarize themselves with the influencers who work with their competitors. Similar web provides insights into the importance of social media as a source of traffic, as well as the different platforms driving traffic to a site and the specific pieces of content that worked. This is a valuable tool for identifying specific influencers working with your competition, learning more about the type of impact these relationships can have, and helping identify influencers as potential partners for your business. Long a preferred medium for advertisers, television seems to be taking over. On the contrary, the online video platform, YouTube has never been so good.

Available in 75 countries and 61 languages, YouTube enjoys a huge audience with 1.5 billion active users, 6 billion hours of video viewed per month and 100 hours of video added every minute. Besides that, YouTube understood that the sinews of war were happening on mobile and therefore improved the display of vertical videos on mobile. With audiences numbering in the millions and fans hungry for content (sometimes sponsored posts). YouTube is a well-established channel for brands to make targeted ads. They thus appear more spontaneous and less corporate in the eyes of the general public, who will be more receptive to their message rather than to that of widely distributed advertising messages. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that Youtubers (often also bloggers) are aimed at an audience that is partly already acquired, with which they have forged an emotional link and not just a commercial one.

This active and committed community will therefore make the content viral, which will increase the conversion rate per customer. 86% of the 200 most viewed beauty product videos were produced by YouTube influencers. This gives an idea of ​​the scope of their message. And their influence is not limited to niche markets. Far from there. Each video format has its advantages but also its disadvantages. For example, Daily Vlogs require a permanent investment because of the editing and the many sequences. It is used particularly for travel blogs, as is the case with Youtuber Isaac Gafishi. As for the pranks, He is very viral and we can also watch them several times. Isaac gafishi will be the best ambassador for your brand, by studying His profile among those of more than a million influencers.

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