Healing Mental Health: Natural Way


Globally, 350 million people are struggling and dealing with depression. It is now the world’s leading cause of disablement and suicide. Although, so many are diagnosed there are a lot more who suffer but are not getting the treatments. Antidepressants are an attempt to correct the chemical imbalances in brain functioning. I understand how that sounds like, Chemicals, Brain functions its not a piece of cake for everyone. It’s scary and difficult. Especially, for those who are looking for the treatment but are not yet diagnosed. I have some options for you. But, do consult your physician before finalizing your treatment.

What is wrong with the depression medicines?

Pain is pain. Be it physical or emotional. The brain registers pain it doses not differentiates where and how the pain is experienced. Also, the brain can’t tell what is the difference between emotional and physical pain. Several medicines have specific neurotransmitters within precise regions of the brain but still, there are no final answers to what part of the brain is experiencing the depression cranially. Thus, pharmaceuticals don’t always work so much.

Natural Healing to Depression

There are several foods, remedies, herbs, and minerals that act as the natural antidote to depression and treat other mental health issues too. Clinical help should be the first choice for help. But, these natural options are a good lot too. These natural remedies have accelerated the treatments and help with the whole process of getting better. What are these antidepressants?


By some experts, saffron helps in treating mental illness and reduces the risks of mental disorders in the first place. The research is still going on for the confirmation of its effect. But saffron, in general, has a lot of health benefits as such. Saffrons are majorly added in milk for consumption or can be ingested by adding in food items.


Lavender flowers are not only pretty flowers for the decorations. Their extracts have a lot of other benefits too. They help to improve sleep patterns, help treat the skin blemishes among many. Lavender Essential Oils even relieves asthma symptoms and promotes hair growth. If you wish to use the lavender oil some of the Top Essential Oil Brands are doTerra, Young Living, etc. Get a diffuser to diffuse the essential oil in your room and enjoy the peace and soothing atmosphere it provides.


There is a link between low levels of folic acid and depression. 500Gms of folic acid is an optimum dosage for improved mental health. You can consume food items like beans, lentils, dark leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, avocados, and fortified seeds.


Zinc as an element is beneficial for mental functions like learning, emotional behavior, and mental strength. If the zinc levels are low in your body it increases the chances of anxiety and depression. This fact has been studied at Biological Psychiatry. Nutrition Neuroscience states that a supplement of 25 mg Zinc for 12 weeks, the daily dosage can help reduce the symptoms of depression. Zinc sufficiency helps in restoring 3 fatty acids in the body.

Essential Oils that Cure Mental Health Issues

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment method that is used for emotional and physical ailments from a long time ago. They may seem like the latest trend but they have been in history. The essential oils are either inhaled or absorbed through the skin. The oils promote mental well being and ease physical discomfort. Scientists have bee researching the effectiveness of essential oils and have found them to be an accelerator for the process of healing mental health problems.

Which essential oils can cure?


One of the most popular and most used essential oils lavender. It has a very soft and pleasant smell. It helps you create calm in your nerves. Thus, it cures anxiety. For example; Diffusing lavender oil in patients’ rooms to calm their nerves. During Child Birth diffusing it in the mother’s presence. One study even proves that lavender being diffused on a regular basis during night time improves the sleep and energizes the person further.


It has stress-relieving properties. It enhances your functioning and performance. In fact, cedarwood is also useful in treating symptoms of depression. Based on the concentration, various types of cedarwood oil effects differently to mental issues.


It helps lift your mood, balances hormones especially in women. It promotes relaxation if used with lavender oil. Its combination with chamomile helps with the patient who is terminally ill with depression. A study showed that it stimulates the portion of the brain that regulates emotions. It also activates the protein responsible for the perception of warmth.


It treats the physical symptoms of inflammation. Chamomile also restores the balances of aggravated bodily systems. Depression, Anxiety and other inflammatory symptoms are all treated with chamomile.


The essential oil extracted from the grapefruit has an uplifting and invigorating effect and may energize you a lot. To cure addictions and overcome cravings, Grapefruit plays a major role. During the treatments of addiction to alcohol or drugs, people go through a wide range of mental health issues and withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may last for a few weeks to months. It becomes quite difficult for anyone to overcome such cravings without any help. Grapefruit oil, in this case, soothes the cravings and also helps with further treatments.

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