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To become famous on this image-based social network, it is important to attract as many subscribers as possible and above all to engage your community. Increasing your audience, pushing your followers) reacting to your publications (comments, shares, likes, etc.) Nothing is impossible when we see that some influencers with millions of followers were completely unknown a few months / years ago! For that, no secret: you have to know the rules of the algorithm to be able to benefit from them.

Do you have your detailed goal to become a social media star? Perfect. Now it is a question of who you are going to communicate to in order to succeed in achieving this Grail.

Two scenarios:

  • You don’t have a social media presence, so you have no idea who your real audience is.
  • You already have an audience, because you are present on social networks but unfortunately, despite your efforts, it does not take … or you have an audience that you did not expect (and of which, more embarrassingly, you do not want, it happens).

Emreezy (aka Emre Ucar) – the social media creator and founder of Potential Entertainment. Born in 12th September, 1999 in the Birkesdorf/Düren, Germany, Emreezy has Turkish roots. It was all started at very young age in the year 2013 to 2016. During that time, he was social media creator of Facebook pages with huge fans. Moreover, he was the professional E-sports gamers in the year of 2014 to 2015. Emreezy (aka Emre Ucar) is one of the youngest passionate for social media content creator as well as social media developer. His inner soul was attached to be the part of such a plate. Since he was a child and aspired to be a social media celebrity.
We sat down with Emreezy (aka Emre Ucar) Could you please tell our readers a brief background about yourself and how you started your Social Media Page?

I’ve always wanted to be a Social Media Star since I was young. I first came up with the idea of All Things Good in School when I was thinking of an Instagram Page to start. After researching how I can get more popular, I came across the media industry. Very powerful, very profitable industry.

What inspired you to start to become a model?

When I was younger, I like to try new outfit styles and I’m trying to stay up to date what are the new Trends and Brand is. I like fashion and lifestyle a lot I buy almost every month new clothes.

What do you see as your greatest success in life?

My greatest achievement in life is without a doubt being a social media creator and already have a great site to develop.

A similar trait among famous social media stars is that they are fun to watch. Just watching someone play a video game isn’t particularly interesting, but with great comments, fun jokes, and useful information, you’ll probably want to follow them. Likewise, someone who just shows the steps to apply makeup isn’t as memorable as doing the same thing while still being engaging, witty, and with a great way to show off their skills.

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