Easiest Ways to Embed Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website


Meta Description: Want to embed an Instagram feed on Squarespace website? If so, check out this article, here we have listed the easiest ways to embed Instagram feed on squares pace website.

In the age of the internet, where the competition is stiff, there are two things a brand should have. And these two elements are related to each other. Firstly, a brand should have an online presence. And by online presence means – having a website is a must. After all, the world is now taken over by the internet, and who doesn’t like to explore any brand by just sitting on their couch, right?

Secondly, a brand should have an attractive website. After all, the website now stands as the brand representative. And who doesn’t want an attractive brand representative, right?

As these two are the major needs in today’s world, you can find the solution for both in a blog. So let’s address them one by one.

Firstly we mentioned having an online presence, i.e., a website. And for that, we have Squarespace. In recent years, Squarespace has emerged as one of the most trusted website-building platforms. It is easy to use and provides a simplified online presence solution.

Secondly, we mentioned having an attractive website. And for that, we have the strategy – add Instagram feed on  website. Yes, our very own Instagram to the rescue. Who can ignore this platform with vibrant and lively content? Imagine having all the on your website. Hence, businesses are now opting to embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website to have a better outcome. Just wonder, having two of the best from their own category helps your business to grow and prosper.

So if the thought of having both platforms excites you, then here are ways you can have them as part of your marketing strategy.

Methods of Embedding Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website

There are ample ways to embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website, but we have filtered two of the simplest and coding-free ways to do it for your relevance. These methods are so manageable that even if you don’t have any coding skills or belong to a non-technical background, you can still adapt to these methods.

Using social media aggregators

Social media platforms have revolutionized the internet. Similarly, social media aggregators have revolutionized the marketing industry. Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help users collect, curate, and display social media feeds on websites. In addition, most of the tools provide users with a dedicated Instagram widget that they can embed on their website by following a few simple steps.

To add an Instagram widget and display feeds on the website, using social media aggregator tools is very easy. To start, collect the feed using an appropriate tool, generate the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your Squarespace website. And that is it; your website will be ready to showcase your Instagram feed without any hassle.

Alongside easing this embedding process, these tools also provide some amazing features. Like, it provides a customization feature that enables you to personalize your widget. That means you can change the font size, font style and more to make the widget as per your need. In addition, you can showcase your artistic side while customizing your widget or simply match the style of your website and brand. All these measures bring a visual appeal to the website and leave a great impression on consumers.

Also, you can utilize the moderation feature. This feature allows you to remove irrelevant content from your website. That means you can hide that content from the collected feed that you think is unwanted or misled by your website visitors. It helps to maintain the quality of your website.

You can either remove the content manually or opt for the profanity filter. With a profanity filter, the tool removes the content automatically that consists of the provided keywords.

Responsive feeds, custom CTA, custom CSS, and analytics are other major features of social media aggregators.

Using screenshots

Suppose you want to avoid using any tool for your website. Then this method is best suited for you. Furthermore, adopting this method is very easy. For example, to add an Instagram feed on Squarespace website, while using a screenshot, all you need to do is – capture the screenshot of your desired post and upload it at the backend of your website; simple, isn’t it? Well, that is what we promised you.

This method is simple but has certain limitations. Like, you cannot customize your widget as per your requirements. That means you just need to stick with the simple and flat display of the feed.

Also, you need to go through the process every time you need to showcase any post. There is no real-time content display like a social media aggregator.

In Conclusion

Adding Instagram feed on website, provides some amazing benefits. And to explore all those benefits and enjoy the success of this strategy. All you need to do is follow the methods mentioned above. Both methods are the simplest ways to embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website and are time-saving. So what are you waiting for? Try them now, and establish your online presence in style.

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