Diamond Formation and Extraction

Diamond Formation and Extraction

Diamonds are earth’s wonder with the best shine and beauty as a stone. Initially, these were used as collectible items by the royals to measure their wealth. Over the years, it has been widely used in jewellery, and later in different aspects of life. So, we see that these gemstones aren’t limited to being the best-looking stones in the world only but come with various functions.

This means that the core of this stone has more inside to it than we can understand from the outside. Besides, this isn’t very easy to find or extract. Even though we think that diamonds come from coal, there is more to it. These were made in the crust from an older time than coal. Firstly, it is discovered that diamonds were created from deep-source eruptions after volcanos, and then deposited on the surface. The magma travels through a zone and delivers the diamonds, coming from kimberlite and lamproite pipes. A small number of diamonds accumulate and then form into the ones that we can see.

Since they need high temperatures and pressures, the earth’s mantle can create them with the stability not found in other places. So, only limited zones in the mantle can store them and then collect rapidly to the place where we can mine them. The same conditions are given to lab diamonds London to create them the same way. Probably, the carbon source needed for the formation comes from the depth of the crust by subduction.

This also means that ocean areas can also contribute to the formation. The plates in the zone cause the required conditions suitable for diamonds. Some rare rocks in the oceanic crust can help with this to collect the final items. Other than this source, asteroids are also supposed to cause diamond formation on the impact sites around the craters. This area can have the carbon sources needed for the diamonds due to the high energy burst. Some meteorites may also have diamonds from asteroid impacts or other similar events through high-speed collisions.

Regardless of the source of formation, it is evident that diamonds are rare due to the limited areas they are found. It is these rare surfaces and rocks where we mine them. Mostly, they are mined in the riverbed deposits by using various techniques. But pit mining is quite common where the crust layer is loosened to find the gemstones. However, whatever the mining method, they cause some environmental impacts by changing the crust layer and disturbing the energy sources.

Recently, scientists have discovered new ways of creating these stones to reduce problems to the environment. In addition, this method has increased their availability. They have created the same conditions needed in a laboratory for lab grown diamonds UK. Earlier they were used for making different tools.

These artificial ones are working as alternatives to the real ones with the same properties. Hence, they are also graded well for various uses. Even then, natural ones due to their formation are very precious.

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