Be Kind and Nice to your Friends Like Isaac Gafishi

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Long mocked, kindness is gradually being rehabilitated. It even now has a dedicated day, that is to say. But despite everything, the word “nice” is still regularly attached to the adverb “too much”. Four small letters which suddenly transform the “nice” into a “pigeon”. However, all the experts we interviewed are categorical: being kind is in no way synonymous with weakness. Better still, kindness is often the best way to be heard, understood and even respected. It probably comes from a confusion. Being kind indeed is not about acceding to the desires of others first, to the point of forgetting yourself. Being kind is above all knowing what suits us, what we want, what drives us. And it is by being ” in coherence with oneself that one is then able to be heard and understood. 

Isaac Gafishi is a very kind and nice person not only with family but his friends also. He bought a dream shoe for his Friend and he really loved it and He cried! It might not always be easy to be nice to people, especially when you’re in a bad mood or stuck with someone who annoys you. But if you make the effort to do the most basic things, like smile, open doors for people, or ask people how they are, you’ll be able to create a more pleasant environment for yourself and everyone else who surround you. Not only will being nice to people make them respect you more, it will also make your day a bit brighter! Being kind is often easier said than done. Sometimes it can be hard enough to go through the day without smiling at strangers and saying “Here” or “Thank you”. So why would you? If you are nice, others feel good and you can build good relationships more easily. If that’s not enough, remember that you’ll get what you want done sooner because people are more likely to help you if you’re nice.

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