5 great ideas to seriously improve your employee satisfaction

5 great ideas to seriously improve your employee satisfaction

What does it means to you when you have ended up with your work and at the same time your boss calls you in an office. You may have running with multiple feelings and your mind continuously asking you a question of why he called me in the office. Finally, when you make an entry and you see a smile on your boss face and he suddenly stands up on the feet and said you are promoted to the particular post. Further, there are possibilities your boss buck up you on your piece of work or you have got the increment, medical insurance and so on. All these things mean a lot to you and an element of satisfaction suddenly appears on your face. In a nutshell, every competitive employee wants to have things in their professional career. So, employers seriously need to improve employee’s satisfaction, and then they will see a positive result in their personalities.

  • There are five major things that every employee should have that drive an element of satisfaction in them.
  • The daily activities derive satisfaction and the determination to get your hands on your aims
  • A strong and healthy relationship with the people that admires you and care about you
  • Reasonable economic resources for economic security
  • Sense of security in the local area where you are living

You can improve your employee’s satisfaction having above mention things in your head.

Feedback is necessary

The element of feedback is essential and necessary for both employees development and for the enhancement of the performance. Listening is very crucial element when it comes to feedback. The number of businesses got real issues by asking continuously for feedback, but when it is given with the sincerity nobody bothers to listen. Let’s think about it! How it seems to an employee.

Feedback, when the tool is used correctly and effectively, will help your employee understand your particular preferences and will help you identify their strengths and weaknesses in given areas. It’s a 2-way thing. It’s a discussion. Furthermore, by being open to feedback about yourself, you instill trust and loyalty into the business relationship.

Financial and verbal acknowledgment

People always desire for acknowledgment and appreciation, both with words and as well as financially. In case an employee has a great deal of ideas that really helps out business executives for the enhancement of the business performance and then not acknowledged for it, obviously it really negatively affects the mind of the employee. However, it derives a disengagement of the employee from the business and lowers the performance compare to post performances. If you want more things about your employees so you will use employee monitoring app.

There is an old saying of William James, that was the psychologist and philosopher said that “The deepest principle in human nature is the desire to be appreciated.”

Let’s have a hypothetical experience, suppose you are an employee in an I.T business organization and your designation is content development. You suddenly have an idea and you have created a promotional blog for the company’s product and services in such a way that hit the target audience by storm. Resultantly, your business fluctuates and your services and product demands have got a sudden shift, and clients rush to but it. Then in return, your efforts have never been acknowledged by the executives and then get all your credit with their names. I am sure about it! You will never do that effort again and there are also possibilities you may get bored and your performance starts declining to compare to previously demonstrated.


The very dangerous thing for the growth of your business to the next level is the hierarchical thinking. Most of the business owners use this kind of old boring method that really disrupts the free flow of its communication and its operations. Don’t put this thing in your business at all and you should empower your employee by awarding them confidence, trust, and undoubted capabilities. If you apply that kind of trust and confidence to the employees, I can bet you will have employees that always seem engaged to come up with the plans that can take your business to the new successful heights.

Cooperation & connections

The cooperation of the employers with the employees and the strong connection or bond can really make a positive difference. It will boost up the morale of your employees in terms of creativity, drive, and innovations in the business that will surely acquire the best of the best results for a business. In fact, the stronger bonding and connections with your employees encourage the employees at the end of the day you will have a special workforce that will take your business to the next level. Therefore, always try to encourage and explore the potential of your employee with the help of cooperation and a great connection.

Engaged your employee with your business

Being an employer you should fully engage your employees with the nature of your business and get the ultimate results that you never have before. Assign a target to your employee and give them positive feedback if deserves. Further, always provide credit to your employees where it is necessary and empower your employee while handing over a task and show full confidence and trust. Collaborate with your employees when it is necessary or the employees need your critical viewpoint and last but not least inspire your workforce with your own experiences.

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