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Multinationals business firms usually consist of the number of offices in different cities and countries. Obviously, plenty of offices are based on a number of employees. Therefore the administration of each and every single firm needs to be stronger that can run the business organizations alongside check and balance on employee’s activities within the working hours. However, employees or in-field staff should be taken under surveillance especially their movements within the premises of the company and as well as outside the company.

So, employers these days really want to monitor route maps of in-field staff. In addition, employers have to have such kind of tool that empowers business owners to track employee’s mobile phone devices provided by the company. So, it will help out employers to track the in –field staff on the electronic map. Let’s get to know how you can do it.

Install TheOneSpy on infield staff cell phone

Obviously, if you want to put your employees under surveillance in order to track their location inside the business organizations or outside within the working hours then you need to track the smartphone provided by the company to the employee. Then it would be possible for you to surveillance the route maps of in-field staff using employee monitoring software.

Therefore, business executives should visit the official websites of the TheOneSpy using their cell phone or PC connected to the internet. Once you have visited the web page then the next move should be about getting subscription online.

In response, you will receive credentials in terms of passcode and ID. So, you need to further have access to the infield staff or a particular employee cell phone that is been given by the company. Once you have the access then you need to get started with the process of installation.

The moment you have successfully done with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. However, very before the activation step, you will encounter with the message on the screen. It lets you track you, in-field staff, on the map secretly without knowing the target. Now it is up to you either you want to use it or just skip the message and further activate the phone monitoring app on the target device.

Now you need to use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription. Use the ID and password and get access to the online control panel of the cell phone surveillance app. Now there you can do the magic you will have access to plenty of tools that really help you out to monitor route maps of in-field staff with complete accuracy and efficiency. Let’s get to know about the route –maps tracking tools in the below.

Use Route Maps tracker app tools to monitor infield staff

Once you have completed all the requirements then further you simply get access to the TheOneSpy online control panel. Furthermore, you need to visit the monitoring tools and make a tap on the following tools that you will be able to get that what you are looking for at the moment.

Location tracking app

Once you have made a tap on these particular tools you will be able to see the pinpoint, current location of your target with complete time stamp using location monitoring app for infield staff. You can get to know on the map where the employee is present or moving towards at the moment no matter within the premises of the company or working outside for the company you can track each every single movement of your staff.

Location history tracker software

You can also get to know in the last twenty-four hours and in the last seven days a week where was your employee using location history monitoring tool. You can view on the map and get to know the location history of your infield staff with a time stamp.

Mark safe & restricted places

The end-user can create a fence around the employee electronically or on the map and keeps themselves updated where the staff is present at the moment. Either they have breached out the fence or not they will be alarmed.


TheOneSpy phone spy app is one of the most powerful tools that empower you to monitor the route –map of the infield staff.

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