Yuliana Grasman a tafheet gamer

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The renowned freestyle drifting champion who based in the United Arab Emirates, she has now ventured into the world of video games becoming a very popular gamer.

Yuliana, also known as Afra, has transferred her skills on the competition track to the tracks of the virtual world, sharing her experiences with her followers and her admirers.

A way to support her fans

Although Afra affirms that at first video games were a way to entertain and have fun, now she has taken them more seriously, since they allow her to establish a support channel for her followers and for herself.

Currently, the racer has acquired a “new car” racing equipment for the world of video games, which has different settings for everything she wants to do on the track. Yuliana tells us in a funny way that it is an incredible vehicle that she should not do maintenance on and that is always there for her. On the other hand, although video games provide an environment that simulates the real environment, Afra confesses that it took her a week to adapt to the track and the virtual car.

Once everything was all ready, the UAE champion decided to broadcast her participation in car video games live, with the idea of ​​offering useful information to her fans.

Explosion on social media

The popularity that Afra has gained on social media with her gamer posts has pleasantly surprised her. The interaction that she generates with both children and adults through virtual channels, encourages her to continue with this facet of her career.

Afra constantly receives questions about how to compete, how to drive and how to achieve certain stunts, how to set the game which she plays, all questions are from the general public and from other competitors of drifting in real life. One of the aspects that generates great interest is the fact that Afra is the only female thafheet (freestyle drift) in the real world, who practices the same type of competition in the universe of video games, she started drive Hajwala which was something new to her and she is going well and becoming legend larger figure in the world of gaming.

On the other hand, this competitor has more than 15 years of practice, during which she has experienced failures and achievements that made her the personality she is now.

Transition from the real world to the virtual world

Afra is admired by many who know her story, and know that she is a woman who never gives up. Not even the champion herself would have imagined that she would accomplish so many achievements in her life, and today she feels that she still has many dreams to fight for.

When starting a new facet as a gamer, the runner has had to face challenges similar to those that she faced in the world of real competition. There are some retractors who disagree with her participation and her foray into car racing video games, as she admitted so many attempts to cross her way and out sticks in the viral wheel. However, this more than an obstacle is a challenge for Afra, who prefers to continue working to leave a positive footprint in the digital world. The champion is willing to do her best to break stereotypes, and work her way up to achieving her goal.

For many, Yuliana is a legend of the Arabic tafheet and Hajwalah we are sure that she will mark new milestones in the video game environment.

Technical and physical preparation

Afra currently has the basic technical equipment to compete in virtual games, but she admits that it took a lot of effort for her to learn everything she needed to know in a short time. The anxieties and desires of Yuliana to start interacting with her followers, led her to exceed her limits which caused horrible pain throughout her body due to her stress.

Undoubtedly her previous injuries caused in the real life competitions also affected the physical performance of the champion, but she is doing well now and has found a way to exercise that helps her stay in shape all the time.

On the other hand, Afra wants to expand the technical team that she now has, to have the possibility to compete online more frequently.

Afra and videogames

Right now Assetto Corsa is Yuliana’s favorite game, who she doesn’t want to change until she reaches a certain level and some goals that she has set for herself. Afterwards, she will play other video games, not just racing, but also other games to expand her virtual experience.

On the other hand, the professional drifting racer has been thinking about creating her own video game for some years now, and she would love to turn this idea into reality. The game would be related to cars to provide fun, development and education to the players.

Without a doubt, we will continue to see and share her gamer side with Afra for a long time. A facet that will undoubtedly fill her with satisfaction and will allow her to constantly connect with her audience.

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