Our hair is a reflection of our personality and their beauty, a real asset of seduction. Often synonymous with change, a new haircut brings lightness and pep to our daily lives and above all, allows us to feel like ourselves again. Today’s kids no longer want old-fashioned hairstyles: they follow fashion closely and want to adopt trendy looks by appropriating the favorite hairstyles of adults. Kids love the playful side of sassy bobs, wild curls and daring cropped haircuts.

Everything is allowed, except boredom! It’s been a while since children have been acclaiming new hairstyle trends and making them their own to be fashionable too. One of the best ways to choose a brand or service is by reading the first words that are available; the business name. A company will always choose a name that best describes its products and services.

And, with the founding of its distinct name, every business will do its best to live up to its descriptive title and prove to everyone that they are what they say they are. Such is the case with Cost Cutters salon which prides itself by being able to provide the best quality hair care services for the most affordable and friendly cost.

That’s it, back to school is fast approaching. If most adults have gone back to the office today, children can enjoy it for another week before finding their way back to the school benches. And like every year, the traditional back-to-school haircut will have to be done this week.

In order to guide you in the choice of your cut, and to ensure that your child is at the top of the trend for this fall 2022. Joe Francis opened The Barbers Hairstyling for Men Salon in Minnesota. After 5 years of operation Joe’s salon began styling women’s hair. It was later in 1982 that Francis founded a family salon, Cost Cutters. 12 centers opened on their first year. Six years later, the numbers went up to 300. Today, there are more than 850 locations across the United States.

Cost Cutters prices 2022

  • Adult Haircut – $14.95 per person (starting price)
  • Bang Trim – $6.95 per person (starting price)
  • Beard Trim – $4.00 per person (starting price)
  • 7 Foils – $30.00 per person (starting price)
  • aul Mitchell Tea Tree Experience (with Cut) – $6.00 per person (starting price)

Cost Cutters is now owned by Regis Corporation, a Minneapolis-based company that owns a number of other hair salons. As the company name suggests, Cost Cutters prides itself with their Cost Cutter prices which are easy to afford. Each salon offers a relaxed hair care experience with no appointments and no hassles.

Cost Cutters is dedicated to providing you and your family with convenient hair care services, through professional stylists who care about your needs. Many little boys struggle with brushing and washing their hair. A good haircut will look as good when you wake up as when your hair is freshly washed. And if bath time and shampooing are tough, you might as well be fine with these trendy hairstyles. Just like adults, children don’t need to wash their hair every day.

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