Windows replacement in Canada and cost 2021

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Should the windows in the house be repaired or replaced?

In most cases, a window in a secondary room will be repaired more logically, while a window replacement in a living room will be preferred. But, in reality, it mainly depends on the condition of the windows and the thermal losses recorded.

Home window replacement is particularly important in the event of poor insulation, whether thermal or sound or if simple glazing is the team. More simply, a window damaged by humidity, too old, which closes poorly will no longer be suitable for housing.

Several simple criteria are used to determine whether a window is to be changed. When the occupants of the house have a feeling of cold while passing by the glass, this means that the thermal insulation is no longer assured and that the replacement of windows is necessary.

A window must also be changed, when the aluminum, wood or PVC joinery is severely damaged. The same is true when condensation forms while the room is well ventilated.

Why change its windows?

The numbers speak for themselves, a house with new windows can save up to 10% on total energy consumption. On the contrary, a window that no longer insulates generates up to 70% loss. A faulty opening represents at least 15% of heat loss in the house. Changing the windows therefore significantly reduces the heating bill and increases thermal comfort.

Regarding sound insulation, an old house overlooking a noisy street deserves to be equipped with noise-proof windows. Comfort is then optimized, even if this type of window is less efficient in terms of thermal insulation. An opening on the ground floor can also benefit from specific equipment such as

Finally, window replacement can also be purely aesthetic, especially when it comes to installing an XXL bay window!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

What budget to replace your windows?

The costs associated with installing windows varies by type as you will see below:

TypeInstalled Cost
Double-Hung$299 – $850
Single-Hung$299 – $600
Fixed & Picture$299 – $1,200
Casement$299 – $1,900

How to replace a wooden window with PVC?

To replace an old wooden window with a PVC window, it should be ensured that the chosen PVC model is available in the measurements of the window to be replaced. First of all, measure your window. If the measurements are not compatible, you will have to opt for tailor-made or have a special installation carried out with intervention on the frame. In any case, entrusting your wooden window replacement project to a professional carpenter is recommended for an optimal renovation.

How to replace a window under renovation?

The new window frame can be installed in partial removal: the frame of the old window is thus preserved (less expensive method, but sometimes reducing the clearness of the glazing). In total removal, the entire old frame is removed to install the new window. A professional carpenter will be able to offer you the most suitable solution for your project.

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