Why You Should Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring: The Right Choice for Your Style

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

why should you buy your fiance or soon-to-be wife a rose gold engagement ring? It’s not just another pretty color – it has serious meaning! The chemical element known as “rhodium” is used in combination with gold to create rose gold jewelry. It gives the piece a bright, shiny appearance that doesn’t tarnish and lasts a lifetime.

The “garnet-in-rosy-red” (as it is sometimes called) color of the gemstone enhances the brilliance of the metal and makes the rose gold item more beautiful. 

If you’re looking for a reason not to buy a rose gold engagement ring, the ring won’t be able to give you a legitimate reason to say no. But if you do decide to buy one… don’t settle for anything less than the best!

The color of the ring

As you may know, the color of the gemstone makes all the difference.  Rose gold is yellow (pale orange) in color, with a pink/red tint.  A yellow diamond is a yellow-gold and not an orange-gold or a rose gold!

After testing rose gold jewelry at Tiffany & Co. over a three-year period, the company’s in-house color lab found that the rose gold and yellow gold jewelry shown in the photographs on this page was not what consumers would really find in the jewelry store.

 The light yellow/pink tinge of the rose gold jewelry pictured doesn’t affect the clarity or overall brightness of the gemstones; these pieces may still contain the so-called “bloodstone” diamonds which possess vibrant yellow-red color under the microscope.

The meaning behind the color

Why does the color of rose gold have so much meaning behind it? For centuries, men and women have been using gold and gems to make engagement rings. These rings were called “crowns of nobility” or “garnets of affection” because they contained gemstones and precious metals. (The Hebrew word “garnet” comes from the same root as “ginger”.)

The ruby was the most common gemstone in ancient times, but it didn’t produce the brilliant red color that we associate with rose gold.  To make ruby jewelry, the gemstones had to be set with fine metal wire.

Some of the ancient artifacts that can be found today contain sections of finely-ground ruby, with diamonds set into the center. This process took time and skill to create the diamonds evenly distributed throughout the gemstone.

Why should you buy a rose gold engagement ring?

 It is both a commitment and a promise.  We want our engagements to be special and meaningful – we want our rings to symbolize our love. But, it is easy to forget that the ring means much more than just shiny metal.

This ring is a symbol of our love and commitment to our significant other. It symbolizes that we are together forever, and the thought of having it put on our finger gives us chills. It symbolizes our love for our partner. We don’t want to settle for just anything because it is pretty and shiny. 

The rose gold piece needs to be special and worth a lot of money to stand out on our finger. A ring should be a big enough commitment to give your partner and promise that you will marry her one day.

platinum vs white gold: The History

What is the difference between platinum vs white gold? Platinum is 18-karat gold; however, 18-karat white gold is plated with a layer of platinum. The main difference is the amount of gold used to make the item. White gold has a higher percentage of gold than platinum.

Therefore, if you are looking at two items made of the same material but one has a platinum plating and the other one has a white gold plating, you will notice that the white gold one is much more expensive than the platinum one. This is true because white gold is much more valuable than platinum.

Making the decision to buy a rose gold engagement ring

Choosing the right rose gold ring isn’t a black-and-white decision, and it’s important to decide which of the 10 listed reasons you want to buy a rose gold engagement ring. These reasons also make a good reason not to buy one, as it’s not a good choice for everyone. 

When looking for a rose gold engagement ring, it’s not always easy to find. Rose gold jewelry isn’t as popular as its silver counterpart, and it takes some effort to find a single item in this color. If you’re having difficulty, talk to a jewelry designer or ask a friend to help you find a rose gold item.

You can also look online and check out a number of shops selling rose gold rings. Some may use it as a special promotional item, others will keep it in stock for you.

The rose gold engagement rings brands

There are 10 brands of rose gold engagement rings on the market, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style and budget.  Rioja  Rioja is a high-end designer brand that specializes in creating stunning engagement rings in a number of rose gold finishes.  Lea Michelle  Lea Michelle is a leading designer and creator of jewelry, skincare and beauty. She offers rose gold engagement rings in 18k rose gold or white gold.  ASM  ASM is a popular, leading brand of jewelry and one of the largest and most successful jewelry retailers in the U.S.  Dori Leigh  Dori Leigh creates exquisite jewelry made of rose gold. The unique stones are mixed in with rose gold to create exquisite designs.  Jullienne  Jullienne creates exquisite jewelry in a range of different gold and rose gold finishes.

What about other colors?

Before you consider rose gold, you should know that there are other colors of gold available. And the rose gold you choose is most often not the most expensive type of gold. In fact, it’s not even the most expensive of rose golds! Most people just call the most expensive rose gold the “gold with a coating of rose gold” because it’s actually a rose gold-plated silver. Of course, there are other varieties of rose gold jewelry, as well. The choices you make about your ring will be up to you, but the ring is the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever purchase. And buying an expensive engagement ring isn’t about your budget – it’s about finding the perfect engagement ring for your taste and style.


Here are the top 10 reasons why you should buy a rose gold engagement ring, not silver.  Rose gold: 10 compelling reasons to buy a rose gold ring  Rose gold comes in two different finishes: rose and color, named for the color of the stone.

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