Why You Should Be Making Interactive Videos for Your Business

Interactive video is changing the way we consume information. Whether it’s in the form of virtual reality, augmented reality or gamification, the future of this technology will have an impact on your business and how you interact with your customers. Interactive video allows your customers to take part in something they’ve never been able to before, making them feel as if they have control over their experience.

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video is a type of marketing that combines the power of video with the interactivity of the internet. The interactive video allows viewers to take control of their viewing experience by clicking on different objects and linking to other videos, websites, or text content. This opens up an opportunity to engage your customers and give them more information about what they are viewing. Interactive videos offer a new way to communicate with your customers in ways that are not possible through traditional advertising methods.

How does an interactive video look?

Creating an interactive video is a great way to get your audience involved and engaged. One of the most popular types of interactive videos is called Cinema8. This type of video starts with a question that appears on screen and the viewer has to swipe their finger across the screen to find out the answer. The idea behind this type of video is that it’s much more engaging than just watching someone talk or watch a slideshow presentation. However, before you make any decisions about which type of video to use, you need to determine if it fits within your budget.

Cinema8 might be the right choice if you want people to be able to interact in real time with what they’re viewing or if you want them create their own content but they can become expensive.

What can it do for your business?

Interactive videos are a great way to engage customers and get them involved. Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that lets you add polls, quizzes, games, and more to your videos. These interactive features can help you get people to share your videos on social media, come back again and again to learn more about your products or services, or even buy something from you. Best of all? It’s easy! All it takes is a few minutes of work and your own creativity.

Tips on how to make one

1. Create a script and storyboard your video

2. Invite participants to be part of the video

3. Record video

4. Edit video

5. Share video on social media, create an animated GIF with Vine or Instagram, and share it again. Try making interactive videos!

Where can you share it?

You may have heard about the rise of interactive video and how it is poised to be the next big thing, but do you know why? If not, this post will break down all of the reasons why interactive videos are something that your business should be making. It’s time to get on board with this new trend before it becomes mainstream and everyone else starts to reap the benefits. The sooner you start working with interactive videos, the more likely you’ll be able to get ahead of competition who still aren’t even considering this strategy. With so many different formats for interactivity, there’s no excuse for not getting started today!

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